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Merging different track files

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Say I have two different BTB projects, and I want to drop one of the tracks from one project into the other project, is this possible in any way? I want to copy a sequence of nodes across.
  2. If you're importing your tracks as KML or CSV files, then it's very easy with File, Import. Then you'd have to reposition the imported track since BTB always "centers" the track.

    If you drew your track freehand, then I'm not sure how you'd do it. Working from a background picture is about the only practical way I can think of.
  3. I sort of botched it slightly by taking a screengrab of BTB with project 1 open, importing it as a jpg into BTB project 2, and tracing over it.... better than nothing I guess!
  4. In fact, I guess it's a question for Brendon - can you implement something like a CTRL-C CTRL-V for node points?

    I assume there's two parts to it.... one is to get the actual XYZ of a node across (which I could manually transfer using copy/paste of the data from the transform tool, temporarily into excel), but second there's also the control points of the spline controls for the track nodes... how are these copied across or replicated?
  5. Well....just in case anyone's interested, managed quite successfully...! Imported all the XYZ co-ords by manually typing them in to the new nodes in the second project, having copied them out to excel. Then solved the spline control problem by importing the jpg of project 1 with all the nodes selected (so that it shows the spline points), that way I can match the spline control points of the new nodes over the image of the control points from the screen grab of the old nodes............ in top view it's just a question of aligning, and in side view it requires a little bit of eyeballing, but it worked a peach.
  6. Is it possible to raise or lower multiple tracks at the same time ? It would be specially useful in the case u want to modify elevation of an already created track that have junctions attached to it...no need to redone long and boring proceedure of merging them together...for now, it's a real pain to modify.
  7. I haven't found a way to move multiple tracks. It would be very useful and even more useful if you could select whether the terrain will be moved along the tracks or not.