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Merged Mods threads maybe not such a good idea

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Ho3n3r, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. See this as constructive criticism.

    To me it's very difficult(read time-consuming) to sift through 292 pages of a thread of merged mods to find one download link.

    Could this strategy be re-visited, or not?

    Just a recommendation.

    Thank you.
  2. We merge threads to keep the forum clean, use a search next time, will definately be less time consuming ;)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The reason they are merged is that the content is obsolete. We currently don't host the mod files anymore as the old download software is not longer compatible with the new forum and the files have been taken offline together with the old server on the 22nd of December.

    To avoid posts with titles: OMG I can't download this mod, we have merged the old threads to clean it up. Basically there is nothing useful there anymore.

    New download solution is being worked on as we speak but not yet fully ready
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  4. All of that makes sense yes. I was just thinking of F1 2011's mods - they can't be obsolete already, surely? Now it's one thread of 292 pages.

    I am always looking for recent stuff - say I wasn't in that section for 2 months, but I start playing the game again, I would like to see new stuff since I last visited it, but it's time-consuming with 292 pages of 1 thread.

    But I love a clean forum too :)

    I guess I can live without the mods though - can get mods at other places too anyway.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The mods itself werent obsolete. The fact that we couldnt host the files in a way we were used to forced us to let them go when the the old server went offline.

    All that was left were empty pages full of comments but no files to download :)

    All uploaders can reupload their work soon or just link to megaupload for the time being
  6. Oh now it makes perfect sense - I wasn't aware that the downloads were PERMANENTLY obsolete :)

    Well, I hope all the good modders return soon with their brilliant work - after the download section is sorted, of course.
  7. And here it is!! RD never want the mods to be posted elsewhere, and now ALL mods for ie. Dirt 3 are completely missing on the whole net, zthats crazy. And how long should that all take?? RD defo looses Reputation on that.
    No mails are answered so for the posts inside here. WTF?
    Im a patient guy but thats really bad RD!

    GReets Modmate
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  8. Sorry but thats bs. ;)
  9. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    That is BS! ;) You can put your mods where you want. RD doesnt stand for Racing Dictatorship.
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Dont put them on megaupload.com though :)
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  11. As the guys above already pointed out, no clue where you got that idea from.

    As far as missing mods go, there was a notice a good couple of weeks in advance that the downloads will be taken down. The download section was also available for a fair amount of time after the new site was already up (double server cost in December), for people to get and back up anything they needed.
  12. sounds liek modmate is assumming things, hmmm, that gets you nowhere :)

    btw megaupload.com is shut down for good(for ever)

    i highly reccomend using mediafire.com to upload mods now. (free and very easy)
  13. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    RD is evolving, the site is improving.

    This will and does take time, but when it all finally comes together........this will be the place to be!

    If MODS are posted on here, why should they be available elsewhere? That is down to the original author of the MOD. He or she would have chosen to post them here and nowhere else, why should RD be responsible for this?

    A few other sites that have a download section link back to here for the downloads, purely for the reason as they cannot host the download on their own site....RD's fault? Nope.

    If you don't like it, and you honestly feel there is a better option out there somewhere, I suggest you go there.

    And as for RD losing reputation......don't make me laugh.

    RD is still probably one of if not the best site for all your racing needs.

    Not ass kissing by the way.......Brams is too hairy!!!

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  14. Well, i "maybe" went a bit harsh here, but the main part is true. Did you ever see a RD Mod outside here?? EVERY other SIM Sport site just hotlink to RD`s site. Thats all not that bad, i`ve also liked that idea thats why i came here and posted my modcams, but now on the long turn and after the sitecrash and so on its not that good anymore. I mean, if i do it that way i would Definately have a backup or two of my downloadsection, its like it is!
    Also like i said before i`ve waited a long time before i start a post like that and that because of nothing is happen here, and i know how much time it could take. But honestly to do some editing and add a working Download section is not a big deal. at least not for some month.
    I`ve backed up many RD mods for F1 and so on anyway, but im aware to post them cause not all of them are mine. To get to the original author though is a mess sometimes , not even the RD Team post their own Mods again....i mean,,,seriously.
    Im 100% sure im not the only one gets annoyed cause of that right?
    And know let us all calm down and just maybe the RD team get their things done anytime sooon, at least the DL section needs to be established here again.


    For the reputation thing, its also true . I know myself 3 modders went to another spot, they will come back but that depends on the time rd needs to get the site back up final.

    Hang on....Think about that again please.

    Greets Modmate
  15. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    You really need to calm down, check your facts, and show some appreciation for the hard work going on behind the scenes here at RD.

    RD is forced to evolve due to constantly increasing demand. That means new, faster servers that can handle the ever-increasing traffic. It means slick new forum software that is up to date and offers ease of use for our members. It also means massive amounts of work for RD Admins, all of which are unpaid volunteers. They don't do all this for the good of their health, they do it for RD members in order to make their online experience as good as it can be.

    Now, onto your first point about "every other sim sport site hot linking to RD". Complete nonsense. Some do, some don't, others have their own download section. For the few that did hotlink here, I'm sorry, but that is none of RD's business. We cannot postpone or cancel forum upgrades just because a few sites may end up with some broken links.

    Your point about a backup is also nonesense. RD had a very clear link to the old download server for weeks after the forum migration, which included a very clear warning about it being taken offline on a specific date. If you did not take advantage of that then that's your problem, not ours. Also, the OLD download section and it's software are not compatible with the new forums, so it cannot be integrated. Keeping it around would serve no purpose at all.

    You've waited a long time? No, you haven't. The migration only happened just before Christmas, and we're not even into February yet. During that time a whole new forum has been implemented, all data from the old forum has been moved, a complete new frontpage has been built, and countless other features have been worked on and completed. Just because YOU can't see every single thing that is being done does not mean nothing is happening.

    You've already been told that a new and vastly improved download section is already in the works. It will be ready when it's ready. Contrary to your clearly flawed opinion, web development is not a quick or easy process. If we rush something out to please impatient people like you then it will be flawed and will break within days. Developing a proper tool that can handle the masses of data and process the hundreds of requests that will be made for files every minute takes time. End of story.

    (If you think it is so incredibly simple, why not start your own file hosting site? Problem solved.)

    In the meantime, there are hundreds of file sharing websites out there which modders can use to distribute their work. If they choose to wait for our new download section then that's up to them, not you. They clearly know what it means to have patience.
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  16. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Okay I am wondering one thing. You say that you know of yourself and 3 other modders that have decided to post your work elsewhere....correct? Then why do you feel the need to come back and complain here, surely you must be happy elsewhere otherwise you wouldn't choose to upload anywhere else.

    On the point of think about it again please.......sorry but do not need too.

    I know of many sites that link directly back to the RD downloads section from their own download section. Can name them, but won't.

    Some sites do host there own download section, that you can upload to, as you have obviously found yourself.

    But for those that don't, and simply just link back to the RD downloads section.....sorry RD can't be held accountable for that.

    "maybe" went a bit harsh here.....no definately.

    I much prefer to wait for a download section that runs smoothly and correctly, rather than have it brought back quickly and have flaws.

    As for waiting a long time......we talking dog years here or what? 6 to 7weeks......a long time? Seriously!!! For what is being done behind the scenes and being put together.....this IS NOT a long time, and still with no subscription charges demanded of anyone.

    Greets ML

    Noticed Ross had pretty much replied as I was typing sorry for that.

    <--------------- very slow typer when not really interested!!

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