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Medal Of Honour

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Has anyone bought the new MoH because i think the online is far superior to MW2 miles better the CoD series could learn a thing or two from Dice.

    MoH online is far more immersive than MW2 it feels like your in a war not just competing against guys with mods like MW2 so this game is a winner IMO.

    Official Xbox Magazine only gave it a 7 out of 10 they are surely in favour to the CoD series as good as Black Ops online sounds with the contracts (objectives) that can be taken up for cash to upgrade weapons.

    This is a nice feature as you dont unlock your perks by level progression you need a certain amount of money/points to buy them and attachments for your guns which adds a whole different perspective to custom loadouts, i think it will be lacking as to how real it feels towards MoH which has blown me away with its Combat Mission lobbies and Objective Raid.

    So i kinda hope that Black Ops will be as good if not better than MoH but at the same time i hope it isnt and im more a CoD fan than MoH but this time MoH have got a great game and i would like to see them outclass CoD for once.
  2. Do you got your MoH on PS3 because I am thinking of buying MoH very soon and probably BO if it will not be like the MW2 since I don't like that the maps are way to small and that there is no strategy to the game. With simple words, it's a "one man army" game.
  3. I got MOH other day for 360. Played campaign first which was ok, a little easy even on hard and Tier1 isnt much harder. My first hour or so at multiplayer was crap and I hated it but all of a sudden in one match I went from a very bad K/D to top of the team! Things are staying like that, regularly in the top 3 so Im happy :). After playing about 3 hours im finally only up to level 5 or 6 but like I say loving it all the way :)

    Anyone noticed that grenades seem to have very short fuses? Most of the time they dont even reach the target.

    EDIT: Agree a little with Georgios, only 4 maps on team assult (I think) and are pretty small and you pretty much have to camp a little to get a decent kill streak.
  4. Yeah i think there is only four or so maps on team assault but there are different maps for different game modes you should try combat mission its good fun and the maps are very big and @ Georgios i have mine on xbox but it is worth getting till the new CoD comes out.

    The upgrades on guns are very interesting as you can upgrade three attachments on each firearm sights, barrells and magazines or bullet types from slugs in submachine guns to armour piercing on assaults and different ones for shotguns etc.

    It keeps me amused messing around with upgrades for snipers you can get rangefinders which help you with long range shots and so on pretty cool.

    Also the campaign is really easy i dont know why its so easy playing hard on it for me was like playing easy on MW2 no comparison to legendary let me tell you.

    But i would give it a solid 8 or 9 out of 10 for the MP aspect the combat missions are very immersive i sometimes find myself thinking of ways to sneak in and blow up AA guns or plant charges on the enemies ammo depots and get really into the game lol
  5. Damn... I had the chans to buy MoH yesterday but did not take that chans....

    Oh well I will buy it on Friday for sure since I like Shooting games which needs some strategy.
  6. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    I have it. Got disappointed in SP, but MP was pretty cool. Dice is awesome when it comes to MP.
    However, it doesn't beat Bad Company 2 thou.
  7. BC2 was a very good game i agree there and Dice do make really good online games