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Mechanical failures

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ogri98, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Has anybody had or seen any mechanical failures in F1 2010? Engine blow ups? FIres? Broken suspension arms? Lost gears? Or the favourite hydraulic failure? Do the AI ever have any of these? I've done two seasons now and had a few crashes and punctures, but that's it. Would be nice to know if anybody has had any of the above.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    only retirements where I have caused them. Although, keep seeing AI dead under bridge at Suzuka - but only in P/Q not races
  3. None of the above stated in OP exist. only real failure like thing is that your engine gulps for juice if you are near empty and slows you done some, but in load up screen it says on one of the flash screen NEVER EMPTY refering to u will not stop due to no fuel. Engines don't fail they may misfire or take longer to accept gear changes through them the older they get.

    Only damage or failure i have seen is PUNCTURE, FRONT (full) AND REAR WING damage and if u have a almighty smash head on into unmovable object you lose your 2 front wheels
  4. I've had what seemed like an engine blow out twice, both times on Monaco, making me think it's probably a bug and noty really a mechanical failure feature.

    Both occasions I was on the fast uphill part after the first corner, and suddenly BOOM, smoke billows out and car is done for. I get the 'crash screen' and have to retire for the session.

    Hasn't happened on any other track so yea, probably just a bug.
  5. What the hell!!! That sounds like a genuine engine blow from what you have said, but engine failure isnt in the game. Spooky!
  6. in monaco just yesterday about 20 laps left out of 78 and my engine turned yellow (on the little car icon on the side) i wasnt too sure wat the hell that meant, (i mean, i can't pit and ask for a new engine can i?) my pit dude didnt say anything, so i guess its nothing to worry about,.............although it was wierd.
  7. thats just your engine wearing down (just like when the tires get older and older).. happens when you have used the engine for some time, so it's not a mechanical faliure :)