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Skins McLaren MP4-30 2.0 (Malaysia)

McLaren on Red Bull Chassis

  1. TomB17 submitted a new resource:

    McLaren MP4-30 - McLaren on Red Bull Chassis

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  2. well done. thanks.:cool:
  3. On my car it does not fit...it is like here on ferarri car.What is wrong?I tried both sizes.

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  4. do you have any template to share Tom ? i would like to try painting on the mclaren skin
  5. Looks like you've installed it using the ferrari chassis. You have to add the files which are in the mc2 folder, but I'm not sure if you need the mc2.ctf but I included it anyway
  6. Do you mean the DDS files?
  7. I have copied all files inside mc2 Folder,your mod also changes chassis or not? This posted Picture is not my,that was only for example how my cars looks but in my Game are McLaren on Red Bull chassis.I love your McLaren skin but it still dont fit on my car.... :(
  8. thank's great job
  9. lmm


    Mercedes chassis for McLaren Honda release ?
  10. My livery uses the RBR chassis and by the looks of it, that mod uses the Mercedes chassis for the McLaren skin, so you'll need the cameras, materials files from the RBR chassis for my skin to work. I included them in the zip however I don't think you need the "mc2.ctf" file which I included.
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  11. hello good fantastique job !!! super travail ! la maclaren est magnifique merci beaucoup !!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  12. TomB17 updated McLaren MP4-30 with a new update entry:

    Added/changed some sponsors and cleaned up a few

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  13. Hello. Great job! Could you add the drivers number in the front of the car? 14 for Alonso and 22 for Button. Thanks.
  14. chianamik


    test your car in the brasil circuit on clear condition (SUN).......flashing light in your eyes!!!!
  15. [​IMG]

    Thats what it looks like for me
  16. chianamik


    I did not choose the chrome effect because in the conditions of full sun creating effect of the sun's reflection on the camera and in some parts of the circuit do not see anything.

    QUOTE="TomB17, post: 1979531, member: 212561"][​IMG]

    Thats what it looks like for me[/QUOTE]