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Marussia Virgin & Team Lotus will not run KERS in 2012

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Hampus Andersson, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Marussia will not run KERS during 2012 F1 season
    In a way i can understand them, it would probably be better off to focus on making a fast car rather then getting those 0.4-0.5 seconds that KERS is worth.

    EDIT: I read wrong, no confirmation on Lotus running KERS or not in 2012, it was for 2011 season..
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  2. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I have the feeling Marussia has just sealed its fate at the back of the grid.
    The only team with no KERS and probably the only team not to test their new car until the 3rd test.

    Doesn't look good
  3. Timo Glock already said this some time in September or October.
    Getting rid of Nick Wirth and his 100% CFD approach was a good thing in my opinion, but I think that not running KERS basically ensures that yet again, P11 in the constructor's will be the best possible outcome for them. Glock's talent is so being wasted there :(
  4. Glock was getting smoked by Trulli in the Toyota :)
  5. Glock smoked Trulli and Kovalainen on the starts quite a few times, it's just that the car doesn't have the pace to keep him in front :(
  6. Look at the season when Trulli and Glock were teammates in the exact same machine :)
  7. Strange, I haven't heard news about HRT folding yet?

    To be serious: HRT actually running Williams KERS system? They look like missing the tests again, for the...3rd time?
  8. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    HRT folding? What do you mean?

    HRT have said they'll be ready for the 2nd test.
    Marussia are the only ones waiting for the 3rd.
  9. Well come on, those were his first two seasons in F1, whereas Trulli had what 11 or 12 years of experience? But okay, I suppose this discussion is pretty futile. I also fully admit that I have rose-tinted goggles when it comes to Glock because on German television, he always makes awesome comments dripping of gallows humor after the qualifiying sessions ^.^

    In order to say something that actually relates to the topic of Marussia: I am kind of at a loss about what their purpose in F1 is. They said their goal is to score a podium at the first Russian Grand Prix in 2014, but with the small amount of money they are putting into the team that's clearly not going to happen. However, by buying the team from Richard Branson, they did kind of signal their intention to stay in F1 for a while. So are they just content with staying at the back of the grid? Or do they just want to hold on to the team for a while and then sell it again for a higher price when other manufacturers are willing to enter F1 again?
  10. I think as a new team there is really no need to spend an incredible amount of money instantly.
    It took Red Bull 5 years or so to understand how to build a quick F1 car.

    Marussia needs to understand how to build a quick F1 car before you can begin to spend millions or even billions on the team.
  11. Well Red Bull started with a well developed car as they bought Jaguar (if I am not wrong) meaning they didn't start from zero while Marussia, HRT and Caterham started from the absolute zero.

    I personally would love to see one of the three slower teams complitly surprisse everyone on the first Grand Prix.
  12. I´m pretty certain that they started off with a clean sheet of paper for their first true year in F1.
    They only kept the Cosworth engine to my understanding.
    They also gathered more points then Jaguar had done in the year before.

    the thing is that you have to go through an evolution of the car in order to realize what works and what doesn´t.

    2005 RB1

    2006 RB2

    2007 RB3

    2008 RB4

    2009 RB5

    2010 RB6

    2011 RB7

    You can almost see the car as a piece of clay, each year it get more aerodynamic, sleeker, new regulations changes certain parts but the blood line is very much there.
  13. Well, I guess there's a point to the aerodynamics argument. Glock said plenty of times that the worst part of the car is that it just doesn't have any downforce whatsoever. In theory, trading 0.4 seconds from KERS for 2 seconds from aero certainly sounds like a good deal, but they still need to make it happen. And if they're not willing to spend much money, I begin to have some doubts about that :(
  14. @Hampus (won't quete due to the pics)

    Source: http://www.formula1.com/teams_and_drivers/teams/182/
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