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Featured Marcus Ericsson Confirmed at Sauber for 2017

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Sauber confirm Ericsson for 2017.jpg
    The Sauber Formula One team have today confirmed Marcus Ericsson will stay with the squad for the 2017 Grand Prix season, continuing a relationship with the Swiss team that dates back to 2015 after the now 26-year-old Swedish driver made a move from the struggling Caterham team with which he made his debut in Formula One.

    The long expected confirmation of Ericsson for next season will come as little surprise to Grand Prix fans following the recent injection of cash to the struggling team by a team by the Swiss Longbow Finance AG earlier in the year. Although it is understood the investment deal had no clauses to ensure either current driver remains on the driving strength, Sauber have nevertheless taken up an option to retain Ericcson with a view to ensuring some continuity ahead of one of the biggest rule changes in recent Formula One history next season.

    Having already confirmed the team will run with Ferrari power units again in 2017, and with the additional funding secured through Longbow Finance AG, Sauber will be looking to put a tough year behind them as the look to rebuild over the winter.

    Of the announcement Ericsson had the following to say:

    “It is great news that I will be racing for another year for the Sauber F1 Team. I have spent two years with Sauber now, and I really feel at home. A big thanks to everyone within the team for trusting in me again. From a personal point of view, I have developed a lot as a driver during my time at Sauber. We have had ups and downs, but we always stick together and work as hard as we can.

    “Since the new ownership, there has been a positive push in the team, so it will also be exciting to go into this new era. Many motorsport experts are becoming part of Sauber, which is a good sign for the future.

    “For 2017 my aim is to build on my performance from the second half of this season, and to continue working hard with the team. I cannot wait for the 2017 season, so that we can make our way up to the midfield with the objective to score points on a regular basis.”
    Team Principle Monisha Kaltenborn was equally pleased to confirmed Ericsson for next season, as the team strive to find the kind of form that will move the squad further into the mid field battle in 2017:

    “We are very pleased to announce that Marcus will remain our race driver for the Sauber F1 Team in 2017. During the current season Marcus has again showed he is willing to go that extra mile in order to make progress.

    “He went through very difficult times with us, but managed those very well. In the last two years, he has made significant steps in regards to his personal development, proving his skills on as well as off track, especially when circumstances are not easy.

    “He is not only a good driver, but also an important team player who understands how to work with the team and how to motivate everyone with his positive attitude. Formula One goes into a new era in 2017, and I am confident that we can count on Marcus to bring the team back into the competition.”

    No decision regard who will fill the second seat at Sauber has been forthcoming from the squad, with Kalterborn stating an announcement will be made "in due course".

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    Do you think Sauber can regain the form that once made it a regular top 10 team? Is the signing of Ericsson a good move by the squad? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Tim.E


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  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Lol no talent, secures yet another season in the pinnacle of motorsports. Incredible.
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  4. fortyfivekev


    It's a shame what this team has become considering their past successes. I wonder how many drivers they will sign this time around?
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  5. samcar304

    Staff Premium

    "Understands how to work with the Team" - In other words, Understands how much money to give the Team.
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  6. I really think he has been doing well recently. Sure, he missed out on points in Brazil. But otherwise he has most of the time out-performed Nasr who many rates highly.

    Of course it has a lot to do with money, but he is still a very capable driver.
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  7. Lol, no one rates Nasr highly. Nasr is just as **** as Ericsson :D

    Interesting to see that Nasr hasn't been announced yet, but surely that's a matter of time

    Ericsson is not world class in the slightest, but has done a good job recently (excluding Brazil).
  8. Banco do Brasil won't sink any more money into Sauber. It's up to them if they think the 40 million Euros that Nasr secured from the last race is enough to warrant a renewal. You know, the race where he went from last to 6th place and held off a few guys for a lot of laps despite his car.
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  9. I guess Gutierrez will join Sauber again???? He has a lot of sponsorship money if I'm not wrong
  10. Hmm.. I guess I've been listening too much to the Brazilians on Twitter. :cautious:
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  11. Nah Gutierrez has too much talent for Sauber....
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  12. Are you being sarcastic??? :p
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Is anyone really surprised? I mean, when you own backers basically are the same that have bought the team you are pretty safe as a driver!
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  14. Gutierrez is the worst current F1 driver.
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  15. Give Maldonado the second seat he was at least some fun:D
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  16. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    And yet he and Grosjean are currently at 7-7 in the teammate battle.
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  17. "but we always stick together and work as hard as we can." this, as part of an official statement? C'mon ....
  18. I felt a bit sorry for Gutierrez after his first stint in F1.
    Despite much better talent waiting in the wing, he got a second chance.
    He then threw the baby out with the bath water and blew it with all the temper tantrums.
    His a** is out and I'd be very surprised to see him back in F1 ever.
    Silly, silly boy!
  19. Either Grosjean is extremely overrated, or Gutierrez is extremely underrated. Take your pick
  20. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium