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Manual shifting with G27

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Holiace, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hey, does anyone know how to make racer work with my G27 shifter?
  2. Hi there,

    Should be easy, Ruud/Mitch have recently fixed a lot of bugs with steering wheel auto detection, so when you're ingame, go in options & auto detect your wheel, then go to the next page & continue your settings as you wish.

    Racer supports everything, so you should be happy !

    Check also the car.ini or racer.ini to disable automatic gearbox (just do a search in both files for 'automatic' for quick setup)...

    Surround Mode
  3. Do I need the latest version of racer?

    See, I have Win7 and the newer versions (CG or not) don't work for me -.-
    And there are so few cars for the newer versions anyway...
  4. Yeah it should work well with the latest version 0.8.32.

    Win 7 should work too, what GPU are you using ?
    Check racer.nl for more infos, it updates quite quickly nowadays.
  5. I made it work, lastest beta. But most maps and cars are useless since practically none of them work with the game.