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Misc Manual Pit Stop [Melbourne] Abandoned

This mod enables two different variations of manual pit stops in the game.

  1. ParkYongLee submitted a new resource:

    Manual Pit Stop [Melbourne] - This mod enables two different variations of manual pit stops in the game.

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  2. Thats very amazing ! I always wanted to drive manually in the pitlane.
    I personally love this feature and will thank you for realising, but many others will use this for performing a faster pitstop in (online) races - as long as speeding is not penalized.
  3. I guess the mod is not online compatible.
  4. If you can even play online with that, I have no idea (but I doubt it).
    If people need to cheat offline vs A.I. it's none of my concern and as written: Most of the time when you enter too fast, the (pit) stop won't be triggered anyway.
    It's not up to me to avoid people cheating or caring about their discipline.

    I know there are many players out there, wanting more realism / simulation in CM F1 games. My other project to get rid of all automatism during SC phase is also full of thoughts :D
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  5. thank you; this is a really good job.
  6. oh thanks Park looking forward to this, it's annoying when the car automatically speed-limited during SC phase (i can't do anything but press throttle) so i can't heat my rear tyres in SC phase like in RL :D
  7. it's not that hard to heat the rear tyres in SP phase, I have no problems doing so, slowing down, full throttle, left, right, brake, full throttle, left, right, brake ... until corner then a bit speed up and again

    The fun fact is: When you call the SC via debug menu, there is a time zone where you are not forced to brake and can drive freely (you could even overtake the SC)
  8. I think the mod at its current state has a fatal flaw.

    Can anyone confirm, the AI of the teams you don't drive yourself gets different tyres after their stop?
    If not (I have that issue currently at Sepang, I drive RB and only RIC and me get hard tyres while all other do a stop but get soft after soft), I have to rework all the limiter-off zones (maybe even delete them, so no manual drive-out only drive-in).

    Didn't look at this stuff, as the AI were pitting, I thought, all'd be fine ... playerOnly="True" haha, don't make me laugh, Codemasters ...

    EDIT: Yep, have to rework all LimiterOff-zones, the AI also uses the PlayerOnly-zones, still does its pitstop, miraculous gets new tyres but gets soft after soft (and the game has no problem with it, not even after the race is finished).

    Ah man, really, three days work and CM still is killing me with their coding.

    It's no problem when you drive Caterham or Marussia ... but when you drive Red Bull, only Red Bull and Mercedes get different tyres, argh.

    EDIT2: Tested it with the player, too. And really so it is:
    The time you drive through a LimiterOff-zone before your pit stop, the pit stop will still be done and you get new tyres but the same type.

    So no matter what all the variables say, on off, player, no player ... A car must only drive once through a LimiterOff-zone ... and I think that means no more manual driving out.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2014
  9. This mod seems to be awesome :D
    How do i call the debug menu? - because i really would like to deploy safety car as the actual CM System is BS
  10. I wonder if people read what I write, hope the guys who downloaded it today have read what I wrote about the AI not getting different tyres issue :O_o:
    Use the debugging mod for debug menu.
  11. To be honest - i cant find it here in the forum

    About your issue in your last bigger post - youre doing an awesome job :D - my hope for CM is gone!
  12. Look at the top right, there is a glass symbol, click on it, type debugging in the first field, mark titles only and there we have it:


    Thanks, I'll try my best, it isn't easy with all this tampering by CM.
  13. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    have possibilities of using other cues or only in australia?
  14. ParkYongLee updated Manual Pit Stop [Melbourne] with a new update entry:

    fixed bug where the AI did not get different tyre types after pit stop

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  15. For now only Melbourne. Each track is different, each pit lane and box zone is different so it will need several weeks if not months (depending on my freetime) to create it for all circuits.
    But the project is/was meant to be done for all tracks, just please be patient ;)
  16. ... meh, I noticed the drive out point when going out of garage as 2nd driver is only matched 3/5 times ... jesus, I'm tired of this sh... already.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2014
  17. It's a long run, but you will do the job :)
  18. I wouldn't bet on it. I have plenty of games unplayed and plenty of games not bought yet (not speaking about the PS4 that's still missing in my room ^__^).

    And then there are (anime) series to watch, too. I really wouldn't bet on it. Oh, don't forget about all the icehockey matches I have to visit and the things we (ultra corner) have to prepare for that.

    So, my freetime is more or less booked out / not existing, you see. (Had a week freetime last week ... ended up with just one track ... not satisfied and a wasted vacation week.)
  19. And still... :p