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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. hi all.

    i have been given a warning for the australian GP, for using the manager but not rfactor running in it.

    i know what i have done wrong, but for that simple reason that, when I start up Rfactor with the manager, it cant find the server. no matter how many times i try. so i had to start the game up in normal condisions.

    but I dont wont to be peenaliesed again, so could someone please find out what wrong.

    Thanks on advance
  2. You can always just fill in the IP address of the server, by clicking the blue button in the online lobby.
    Then you will see the server always.
  3. i always do that, but when i filled in the ip, and im sure its the rigth ip. then it sais no games, or server or what ever it is.

    some times it does the same with the original start-up, so i have to restart it.
  4. could someone help me. i dont want to get a penalty
  5. Have you tried to change your multiplayer.ini file?

    Browse to, rfactor/userdata/yourename and find the multiplayer.ini file and open it, find where it says Concurrent Server Updates="1000" , it's in the Multiplayer General Options some where, and change the value in the"" to 1000 or more, then It chould be easyer to find the server as more servers will show up in the serverlist.

  6. thanks
  7. Or try first to startup without the manager tool.
    Then go into the server.
    Bookmark the server.
    Close the game.

    Now its always in your bookmark list.