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Major straight line speed issues

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by theonlyzane, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. First of all, this is my first post so would like to say hi :)

    Ive moved over from F1 2010 on my xbox 360 to 2011 and went straight into playing on Pro..

    Ive found that I'm consistently struggling for getting speed out of my Force India, been messing with the setups on most tracks and have been using the setups posted on here to.

    Can't seem to keep up on any of the cars.

    for Example I used the Nürburgring dry championship setup and people were reporting that they could do laps in 1:27ish.. I managed 1:33ish, am I doing something wrong or am just crap?

    I am using Kers as much as possible especially coming out of slow corners.

    Grrr its driving me nuts.
  2. They probs use the 11/11 setup. (Don't use it, it's lame.)
  3. w1y


    Too much wing?

    I have the same issue but can't play with low wing levels. I've never looked at gear ratios
  4. Ive messed about with the ratio's and stuff and used this site but just can't get anything out of the car... altho Ive just finished 2nd in Hungary :p
  5. I had the same problem in a HRT in S1. What I do now is set the car up with fairly low wing (maybe two points below what most people use), and concentrate on getting grip out of the suspension. Broke the lap record at Abu Dhabi and Malaysia doing that!

    P.S: Thanks to everyone who helped me with the suspension problems!
  6. A couple things...1st off, if you can place 2nd in career in the force india, that's well above the pace you're expected to run. I think 12th is a pretty reasonable expectation for finish position in that car.

    Also, make sure you've got your brake dead zone turned up above 2%, since there's a glitch that does not allow you to slip stream unless you do. This can give you a massive speed boost if you're close behind someone at the beginning of a straight. (as much as 20-30 kph by the end of the straight)

    Just keep in mind that the lower tier cars won't have the aero effeciency or mechanical grip of the higher tier cars, and won't be capable of producing the same lap times.
  7. There is a lot to be said about gear ratios. You can go from a flat car to a fast car with the right combination. Unfortunately, there is no telemetry or even a graph of where the power band is in any of these cars. The only thing you can do to pinpoint the gears is to listen to your engine. I've found that if it takes too long to run through the gear, its too big. I usually have the smaller gears go through fast(2 through 5). Then 6 and 7 should be similar in time. The combinations are as infinite as the suspension combinations. Is there another way to tune gear ratios?
  8. Never mind, ****ed up my editing. Sorry for doubleposting.
  9. I'm not really an expert on gear ratios, but I usually go through the track turn by turn and tweak the gears accordingly so I get the best possible power through each turn, and nice traction out of the corners. Like you said, it's all about listening to the engine ;)

    edit: to OP, are you sure it's straight line speed that is your problem? For example, the Red Bull IRL is not really the fastest in a straight line but they win races anyway because of their corner speed. Also, KERS coming out of corners is fine, but save it for the longest straights on the track, that way you make the full use of that nice acceleration-burst ;)