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Lower Stability Assist Mod 1.101

MotoGP 13 Lower Stability Assist Mod

  1. Tommi-TAG submitted a new resource:

    MotoGP 13 - Lower Stability Assist Mod - MotoGP 13 Lower Stability Assist Mod

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  2. The mod is just turned this lovely game to a brilliant one! Thanks a lot! But a probleme arised not much later after I applied the mod. The menu screen backround has been splited in a half. Top is black,bottom is ok. Anyone experienced the same? I have reinstalled the whole game, nothing has been changed. My PC is an animal, could be hardware related. Every other application runs same as before. I didn't patched the game yet, it's first build. Idea
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  3. Thanks for comment, WRC_DR1V3R.
    I'm glad you like this Mod too :) !

    Thanks for the information, svenvangent.
    This issue seems to be caused by the latest Patch 1.101, as Axe posted in this Milestone's official thread.


    But your information is a great help for us who have the same problem.
    Thanks again :) !
  4. Hallo Tommi-TAG ,
    Good to know .
    By the way ...... good/funny game MotoGP13 .
    One thing thought ,and that is the AI , there the guy's from Milestone could do some
    improvement .

    Greets .
  5. .
  6. Thanks again, svenvangent.
    AI riders are competitive basically, but sometimes we can see several weird behavior.
    I also hope Milestone will improve it in their future updates :)
  7. Is there a way to disable rumble effect ? I have trouble whenever this is the case, in the demo it didn't have such an option and I'm afraid I have to skip if they don't fix the controller issues or is a workaround for the rumble trouble on the wired 360 controller I occasionally get but severely suffer from in MGP13
  8. Tommi!
    What program do you use to read and to write the bml's? How did you changed the 'StoppedSpeedThreshold' value? And which file contains those datas?
  9. Binary Code Editor such as HexEdit.

    That's the tool Tommi said :
  10. You might even use NotePad or WordPad it's basically just hexadecimal code and the values are very likely just normally calculated.
  11. I have HexEditor, just it takes ages to find the line what I'm looking for. But I've found some interesting rules there. Like wheelie control and start assist. I think it worth to try to change them. Exit from corners on wheelie would be awsome. :D
  12. Well I doubt you'll get Piboso Like Results but it may be more to your driving style :D
  13. Well guess what when I play without any aids except TC I can run the game flawlessly now, seems I have to rely on most difficulty, strange but now I have to improve my driving to keep up, MGP Class is hard the others are alright.
    I was wondering if there are any lines that control:
    Off Track Tarmac Speed Reduction
    Damage Modifier
    Off Bike Delay Time
  14. Updated the Mod to patched Ver.1.101.
    I'm really sorry for the delay in updating the Mod for my personal reason.

    @ WRC_DR1V3R
    I'm sorry, I could not answer to your question, WRC_DR1V3R.

    @ M1GHTY M4VS
    Thanks for your help, M1GHTY M4VS.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013