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Low power car recomendations

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Crayfish, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I just got rFactor installed and was hoping some of you could give me some specific car recomendations.
    There are a ton of awsome cars, but Im just after some low powered, maybe stock - road cars to drive.
    I've been using the 2005 Rayzor which comes with the stock 2008 SE Edition of rFactor and its alot of fun, and is about the level of performance Im after, but its (if i am correct) front wheel drive. What I am idealy after is something low powered, not too hi-tech, a soft suspension, but RWD and has a live back end. Possibly something from the 80s. There are alot of cars available that might fit the bill, but tend to be the GT-race versions with stiffened suspensions and hi-powered engines.

    Also, wouldn't mind a couple of track recomendations too. I really like simple flowing layouts with some nice sweeping hills and dips. I really enjoy Old (GPL era) Zandvoort & Watkins Glen, Djon Short, Suzuka. Laguna Seca is cool, but just too chalenging for me atm.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. They are a lot of mods and tracks for rFactor. You can always check out the downloads section here at RD http://www.racedepartment.com/dlcat-rfactor-2/ and also try rfcentral
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/ that site is packed with mods and tracks....

    The RaceX mod is a cool mod too try as that has a load of mixed cars from fwd and rwd from asfar back as the 80's as is the RD mod World Touring Cars that uses the mod TLC.. Also if u like Porsche mods that are around... DRM is a cool and pop mod as is the Enderance mod....

    All i can say is try a few mods and test them, at the end of the day if u don't like them get rid of them...

    As for tracks it depends on if you are going to be racing online and going server then u will need to get that track for the server....
  3. The 207's are rather fun to drive although they are AWD. Renault Megane's is another good one.

    As for tracks, Kinnekulle, Vitus Parc, and Piddy are just a few that have rolling hills and a simple layout.
  4. Thanks for the recomendations guys, ill check those out.
  5. Caterhams are fun to. Next to Formula Vee's.
    Skoda Octavia cup is nice also. :)
  6. How about the rfactor open wheel trainer?
  7. James Woods

    James Woods

    you might like the BMW 2002 tii v1_10, it's seems to fit what you are looking for. It's a very good mod graphically, but it's handling is it's best feature - it just feels "right".

    As for tracks, you might like Salzburgring and Spa :)
  8. Spec Miata by Plickbadger ;)

  9. Sounds like you would want exactly what I'm running at the moment :tongue: ;)

    First one to advise would imho be Plickbadger's Spec Miata 2.x (128 BHP standard car - he owns the real thing so it's pretty good for accuracy), great fun to race.

    Also, Strava's Vintage Formula Vee of course, most fun you'll ever have with just 65 BHP. Pretty accurate according to some real life Vee pilots and HUGE enjoyment-per-BHP factor.

    There's also a nice Vintage Formula Ford 1973 Mod (V2.1) by Dave Sabre, similar to the Vees but much faster. You'll match Lambo Gallardo times with only 105 BHP.

    Caterhams are a real hoot, too, if you stick to the Classic and Academy cars for the lower-powered ones you can hardly go wrong.

    Myself, I also like the Mini's and the 914's in HistoriX (Historic GT), as well as the AE86 Trueno Mod V2.0 (170 BHP standard). Should all be on NoGrip and rFactorcentral.

    As for tracks, definitely try Goldenport, Birmingham Sprint, Turagua, Hitchin and definitely VLM's Mid-Ohio - all these are fairly short, but look good and have great 'flow'.
  10. Really good stuff guys, especialy Raido, those sound great. Formula V looks great fun, and ill chek out the others too, cheers!

    EDIT* Birmingham Sprint looks exactly my kinda track on youtube! Does anyone know if its included in the Birmingham Motorplex 1.55? I can't find a standalone sprint track.
  11. Thanks alot!
  12. Yes, it's included (wouldn't have mentioned it otherwise :tongue: ) - it's really fun in Vees, Minis, etc. Oh yeah, and Hokkaido Speed Park is a good nice 'n simple track, as well of course :wink: ;)
  13. Thanks I'll check out Hokkaido too, lots of cool little Japanese circuits I've seen on youtube. Your own work I see, cool!
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Vw lupo :)
  15. Thanks, the Lupos look fun