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Low poly models

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by delu77, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Little bit OT, but it is needed under BTB.
    I am looking for a low poly front-end loader and a truck crane.
    Tried on sketchup gallery and crunched a bit, but they stays over 9000 polys...
    Someone can help me?

    Thanks a lot,
  2. Hi, I suppose do you know 3dsimed, this program allows you to extract some objects from already made circuits, they are low poly models, so its a fast way to get objects, finally all of we have the same type of models, :( but....

  3. ...but?
    May you suggest me a track that contains those kind of objects?

    Thanks a lot,
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Theres an Xpack with a truck crane already in. Its called Trackside_Objects.

    And by front end loader, do you mean Fork-Lift Truck?

    If so, i have a high poly one which i`m trying to reduce to a low poly. Dont know if i`ll ever manage it, as i seem to have lost my poly cruncher plug-in for 3d max :(

    Edit: Just remebered, theres an xpack called Dirt Track Equipment that has some building site type vehicles......try that.
  5. Already tried both, but they are not as my needs.
    For front-end loader, I mean a wheel bulldozer...I have one chrunched with polygon cruncher but it is more than 9000 polys...
  6. I've found the same problem with Sketchup models. What I've done several times is download a high poly model into sketchup and then draw a much lower poly version of using the high poly for reference.
  7. Hi, i doon see the vehicle you need, may you upload a picture?
    I was going to extract for you the crane, but after reading last posts, I m qute confused!!! :)

  8. Something like this?

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  9. oh, I m afraid I can not help you, I thought you needed a crane to lift up thea cars, :(

  10. delu77. If you find a sketchup model that you like, I'll try to make a lower poly version of it for you. No promises you'll like it, but I'll try
  11. Wow...so nice...exactly what I need...How many polys?

    Nice...I have took a crane from "VITUS" RF track...have to contact its author for an authorization :wink2:

    Thanks a lot mate...I have found a model on sketchup and crunched with polygon cruncher in Max....from 15000 to 3500 polys! Thanks a lot for your help
    Here is the result (have textured but not saved a rendered image :wink2:)


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