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Skins Lotus F1 Team 2014 Fantasy livery 1.0


  1. Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
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  2. @TheJlfan please explain me why did you dislike my work...
  3. I dont know why people dislike my work....and they don't even explain why....did I do anything bad? :(
  4. Good work mate. Maybe they dislike because the cars do not have numbers, maybe because.... But I think this guys should do it first better .
    Anyway...thanks and keep it up !:thumbsup:
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  5. the idea is not bad :) maybe we see PDVSA on the sidepots :D or not but keep it up good effort :)
  6. That's why it's fantasy :D
  7. When FIA shows the drivers selected numbers i will immediately update this mod :)
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  8. Maldonado prefer the number 3 and Grosjean wants 8,29 or 11.
    Let's wait and see what happens:whistling:.
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  9. I think 13 suits Maldonado well :ninja: :p
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  10. I'm uploading the update :)
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  11. New render coming soon too
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Looks cool. Thanks for the hard work! :D
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  14. Good work, but could you tell me wich font did you use to write Pastor?
  15. rockwell extrabold
  16. Ahah Angel038 trop bien ta chaine ;)
  17. whaat??
  18. I like this livery, but I think it would be better without the logos Algida,Samgung,just Total And Lotus like the original;).
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  19. maybe i will remove them :) i'll see it