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Skins Lotus Exige V6Cup MegaColorPack (x24) 1.2

23+1 Fictional Skins -FULLY CUSTOMIZED-

  1. B1gy submitted a new resource:

    Lotus Exige V6Cup MegaColorPack (x24) - 23+1 Fictional Skins -FULLY CUSTOMIZED-

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  2. Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    Fast Furman

    WoW xcellent thank u thank u thank u
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  3. R48


    I was hoping someone would do something like this, but this is much better than I hoped for. Thank you!
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  4. Thanks guys,
    Have fun!
  5. Hey,

    Very good idea. I like how you go into detail with the interior, rims etc. I wouldn't leave 5 stars in the current state though.

    There are a few quality problems:
    • There is a cross pattern on the paint of plain silver and titanium cars.
    • Numbers are blurry.
    • Lines of the numbers 1 to 10 are blurry, especially in front of the car.
    I really love your previous works and that's how I know you can do much better, which is why I'm writing this. ;)

    Take your time to do your skins, and better quality than quantity. :)
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  6. Thanks for the feedback Edouard, :thumbsup:

    Some of the things reported are of my knowledge and spirals, others have no chance of resolution.

    In order:

    -On The "Silver" and "titanium" I created the skin using alpha channels and using a "metal_detail" of the main color (and not the white "standard")
    This is to have a better gloss paint (you can see the same "defect" also on the number 6)
    Unfortunately it is a congenital defect of this car specifically; as it internal doors are colored by "metal_detail". (I also opened a threadh (on ACForum) about to try to get more info)

    -On the lines instead (1 and 10) they are probably most noticeable maybe for a particular contrast of the yellow.
    But all are made (1 to 10) with the same base.
    Unfortunately, this is a defect "congenital" of the skin, in fact the front of the hood is "deformed" and it was a grueling search just to bring them straight. (Hard to explain, but if you try to open the "dds" of the skin you will understand what i mean)

    Probably by increasing the resolution (4k) the defective alleviate a lot, but as in the race isn't very evident, I preferred to keep me any slight imperfection in favor of a lighter weight.

    -For Numbers instead, I think it is more or less the same defect lines,
    But honestly I had not noticed (perhaps more accentuated with two-digit numbers .... especially the 11 on the hood)

    Anyway check it better,
    if I can improve a little bit, I will publish an update. ;)
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I had the same issue with the Z4 before. That happens when you put a plain texture, simply coloring the square with a colour. When you open the metal_details textures made by Kunos, you can see that they are not plain. They have put some kind of metallic paint pattern in it.

    What I did was take the metal_detail from another car (the red Z4 in that example), reduce the saturation to 0 to get it grey, increase luminosity and contrast to get a light grey (still keeping the pattern), then put the paint on a new layer with something like 75% opacity. You'll have to adjust the colours as it obviously makes everything a bit darker and with less contrast, but that works. ;)

    Apart from that, I get what you mean about the front bumper ^^

    Don't get me wrong though, very good work! :)