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Lotus 2 Eleven

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomas Torasen, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Have you guys figured this car out?

    My initial thoughts as from latest update was "this car will probably be alot of fun".

    But when I'm driving it and trying to improve the setup, I cant really understand it.

    Firstly, whats up with the asymmetrical values? Is the car asymmetrical in the chassis or something?

    I think I got it to grip a little better and oversteer a little more, also made it more controllable (or easier to read/understand for my driving style), but I cant loose enough of the sway-boat feeling. Feels like it's floating on top of the road

    Anyone managed to get a decent setup for it? What are your thoughts?

    The other cars really grew on me and I learned to appreciate them the more I drive, but this seem to be the opposite for me.
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  2. Great car indeed it just feels so alive. If I make a blunt comparison to elise in gtr2, the car there is 20% alive and in AC its 100% alive.
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  3. Phil Rose

    Phil Rose

    I must be missing something with this one then as it feels rather uninteresting compared to the similar concept of the KTM X-Bow. It feels rather slow on the turn in with lots of understeer. I will have to give this another go.
  4. Lotus 2-11 and KTM X-BOW are the most fun to drive from road cars. They are very communicative and enjoyable.
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  5. I dont really like the 2-11.
    Or maybe I just need to find a nice default setup.
    But that car has got such a nasty understeering when going on the throttle...
  6. I love the 2-11! That central mirror on a stick is annoying though lol.
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  7. Well certainly its not as exciting as the M3gt2 or the Zonda but I can see some epic online racing with this car. You can beat it around the track and still go fast, unlike in some sims where u can spin a 200bhp car at 60kph! I see this as one of the most popular online racing cars in AC, great balance between difficulty, close laptimes and fun factor.
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