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Skins Lotus 1986 Real Driver 1.0

Real Driver with Dumfries and Senna

  1. Schifty031 submitted a new resource:

    Lotus 1986 Real Driver Mod - Real Driver with Dumfries and Senna

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  2. Hello chap, Loving the JPS on the rear wing! Just makes it like more... proper if you know what I mean!
    I know there is a certain issue when applying logos to the sides of the car but surely the JPS logo can be applied to the upper nose section and the front wings?
    Good job anyway! Love to see the camel applied to the 100t :thumbsup:
  3. Would look even better just showing 'John Player' on the rear wing? still it looks decent.

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  4. Just above the cockpit its not possible, its an half part... so this is the only part of the nose who made mirrored. Right and left side, one side will be ok, the other again mirrored.

    I could do an edit for the rear wing
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  5. What a shame! time will tell.... (we hope)
  6. Great idea to get the correct drivers into the, Lotus 98T!!!

    Do you planing to do this also for the following cars too?

    Williams FW07B - Alan Jones & Carlos Reutemann
    Lotus 100T - Nelson Piquet & Satoru Nakajima
    Ferrari F1/87 - Michele Alboreto & Gerhard Berger
    Williams FW12 and/or FW14B - Nigel Mansell & Riccardo Patrese
    Ferrari F310 - Michael Schumacher & Eddie Irvine
    Ferrari F399 - Michael Schumacher OR Mika Salo & Eddie Irvine
    Williams FW21 - Alex Zanardi & Ralf Schumacher

    Or could you maybe replace the Williams FW12 or FW14, Ferrari F310 or F399, Lotus 100T with the
    McLaren MP4/13 - David Coulthard & Mika Hakkinen
    Renault R25 - Fernando Alonso & Giancarlo Fisichella
    Jordan 196 - Rubens Barrichello & Martin Brundle
    McLaren MP4/2C - Alain Prost & Keke Rosberg
    The McLaren MP4/13 would be really cool!
  7. For now i have plan to do with all 80 cars. For 90 one, its a little possiblities only for cutscene to get proper skin.

    To skin other car like Mp413... its will be hard to do.
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  8. Thanks for the quick reponse!
    I'm really looking foward for more of your 80' cars "corrections" :)