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Loss of Power???

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jonathan Rowland, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. So i was racing in malaysia, 50% career race for marussia. Start the race fine, switch the engine into rich mode for the first 5-6 laps, then i switched it down into standard when i got to optimal fuel level. after that the guys who i'd been pulling away from a couple of tenths a lap from (inc. my teamate) started to catch me a hell of alot, then i noticed i was getting slower and slower!!. so i swtched fuel mode to rich again, and i was only hitting about 160mph on the straights, i had been getting about 185mph. then as the race goes on the car gets slower and slower again, till im only just reach 5th gear at the end of the straights. I was expecting an engine failure, orthe engineer coming on the radio saying we need to retire we have a problem or something, but none. so i decide to pit and see if that fixed it. instead, when i exited the pits the camera started doing replay style camera's whilst i was trying to race!!! So i thought stuff this restart the race. And when i did the engine power was stupidly slow again!!! Anyone else had this bug?
  2. Ok edit that, every car in every race mode on every track ive tried now has the same problem, no power at all!!! its alomost as if the acceleration no longer works!!! :( going to try and re-install my wheel and see if thats the problem
  3. I get this in every car i use after 5-6 laps i can hear a rattling at back of car when i look back their is smoke coming our of engine and i loose power but i manage to fiinish race just slower than what i started.
  4. Same here, I'm racing with Caterham, and don't know why always happening to me. :( (Sorry for bad english.)
  5. same thing happened to me when I started my career with toro rosso. After 5-6 laps, I had smoke coming out in the back.

    I think this is something with the car setup. I was using default setup. I will try custom setup to see if that helps
  6. Same problem with custom setup. : /
  7. as per peopleon kimi450 youtube video, using a flashback in F1 2012 can make your engine explode and this is a ****ing annoying bug

  8. ok, so ive fixed the problem, i feel really stupid now!! but something had slipped under my accelerater pedal!! so it wasnt going all the way down! :redface: so my bad! but i did still get the camera bug coming out the pits
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  9. lol
  10. Isn't the smoke because of super fast downshift? If you downshift real fast, and didn't apply a good amount of pressure to the breaks you can damage the car and the smoke starts. Not sure if this is the problem but this can happen.