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looking for WT seat for 2012

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by intact, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hey

    Im looking for a WT team for the upcoming season.
    My name is Eduard , Im 29 years old from Estonia. Been racing with a wheel for 13 months. Last season raced in Estonian F1 league (f1cel.eu). Was mostly a learning experience for me (learning the tracks and getting used to the wheel), i wasnt too fast, like one second off the fastest guys on most tracks (people like Rõõm and Kalamees...). Slow but very stable, i didnt finish in only 2 of the races and had 3 crashes the whole season, top10 in all races.

    Would love to race in FSR (WT), its such a great league; it was probably one of the motivations to buy the wheel in the 1st place (enjoyed the FSR race reports a lot on youtube).

    Did a few laps around Interlagos, you can check it out there:

    f1cel mod was a lot different handling wise and not really used to the FSR one (especially the brakes..).

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  2. Hi Eduard, welcome to FSR!

    An interesting and funny way to introduce yourself, good luck in finding a team :).
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  3. It seems we have again new guys coming here from F1CEL :)

    Welcome to FSR, Eduard!
  4. Hopefully someone will pick me up :)
  5. Welcome!

    Like De Juan would say, MP to Christian Smirnofff and luck. xD
  6. TTT
  7. Hey

    I'm still looking for a team. A few teams put me "on hold" but haven't heard from them for weeks so I'm bumping this thread :)

  8. up
  9. hi i am interesting for a seat in WT
    i take part in my league and i think i have a lot of experience
    please tell me a server to take some practise
  10. i am intresting for a WT seat i am very expirienced
    please if anyone wants to test for his team please reply ;)
  11. mods please lock this thread :)

    Eduard K
    Knight Racing