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Looking for race seat, WT/WS, June onwards

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, May 4, 2013.

  1. hello,
    would like to return to FSR after exams finish in May! i'm 26, in UK.

    im quick and consistent, i couldnt commit to all the races last year in WT but when i did i was usually top 6.
    looking to step it up.

    i can't do setups (though i know i need to learn) but can adapt very quickly to 'quick' setups.
  2. hi. I am the ream manager for arnchu racing. I have teams in world series and world trophy. do you know which league you want? also will you be able to start may 18 or June 1?
  3. hey alright. i'm free to start 24th May onwards.
    not sure how competitive I'll be in WS, in WT last year I was good enough for 4ths or 3rds, but people like Aalberts/Brjlak were 2-4 tenths per lap quicker.

    depends on the new FSR mod and setups etc.... would be good to trial out for you guys either way.
  4. pm sent