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Looking for partership

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for some help for 1994 mods, its a lot of job alone, if someone is interest to do something just tell me here and what you want to do. I'm still doing car and helmet but you cant make some also.

    Also need someone can make some change in database because i still lost lol in Ryder Database.

    Any kind of your help still welcome
  2. HEY! i can help you in the database editing:)
  3. Great i will send you during the day in pm witch team replace curent team to edit it properly to fit whit the car i have already done !

    And you are able to change what also on database?
  4. chasics numbers,team order,1st/2nd driver etc. and i could help in which track's would be used in career mod
    Sorry for my english:)
  5. no problem what's your first language ? if its french will be easier to speak each other :p
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  6. hungarian:)
  7. Its done now, check on the right who replace who and the team i will post soon the tier performance, but driver have also tier or just the team ?


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  8. Here for Tier's, If you have some idea about it, just tell me to optimize it
  9. i will try to finnish it until the week-end!:)
  10. take your time anyway lol a lot of job need to be finish :p
  11. If you need more information just ask me ;)
  12. who will make the name changes?
  13. If you want you can or if its to much work i will try it. :p

    For HRT and Virgin team, i put 2 team on it, Simtek and Minardi will be use for now

    and i think its possible to put an other team, but not sure, i saw USF1 stuff on language files so they mak a 13th team during the making prosess ^^ dont know if its possible to use this.
  14. could you send me an original database file?:)
    and the list whit the order and the name of which track's will be used in career mod
  15. Yeah may be this evening, depend if i have the time ( for database ) for the track order, in few hour i will post it for you.
  16. thank you!
  17. Still looking for help for others works!!!

    AtTiLa here the track order

    1- Brasil Interlagos (19th in 2011)
    2- Malaysia Sepang (2nd in 2011) ( replace Pacific GP)
    3- Chinese Shanghai (3rd in 2011) (replace San Marino GP)
    4- Monaco Monte-Carlo (6th in 2011)
    5- Barcelona Catalunya ( 5th in 2011)
    6- Canada Montreal (7th in 2011)
    7- Europeen Valencia (8th in 2011) (replace French GP)
    8- British Silverstone (9th in 2011)
    9- German Nurbrungring (10th in 2011)
    10- Hungarian Budapest (11th in 2011)
    11- Belgian Spa (12th in 2011)
    12- Italia Monza (13th 2011)
    13- Abu Dhabi Yas Marina (18th in 2011) (replace Portugese GP)
    14- India Buddh (17th in 2011) (replace Europeen Jerez GP)
    15- Japan Suzuka (15st in 2011)
    16- Australia Melbourne (1st in 2011)
    17- Turquish Istanbul (3rd in 2011) Extra GP
    18- Singapore Marina Bay (14th in 2011) Extra GP
    19- Korean Yeogam (16th in 2011)

    If you need to change date also just tell me
  18. i've done to replace the drivers numbers:)
  19. Keep working ;) one little thing done, less time before the official release :p I hope before F1-2012 :p
  20. If we can edit database for 2012, i will work soon as possible on 90's serie mods, like 1990-91-92-93-and 94, so for sure our mod wont be use often but will be a good training for the next game.