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Looking for F1 style wheel for logitech G25

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rafael Amorim, May 20, 2017.

  1. Rafael Amorim

    Rafael Amorim

    Hello everyone,

    When I was younger, my dad offered me a G25 logitech wheel which I "kind of" put it aside because I didn't had any rig, and from a year ago, I was more and more into SimRacing, made my rig, bought a nixim mod for my pedals, and now I'm looking to buy a F1 style wheel. I've looked into this one

    However it's smaller than the stock wheel (which I feel too small for simracing) and makes it feel like a toy to me, I know F1 has smaller wheels than "normal" racing but still, maybe too small no?
    What options do I have? I don't intend to spend too much money on one also :/ I'm not exactly in super good condition financially.
  2. Yapci


    I think it's 27 cms as stock one so that would be nice. And F1 rims are 27 cms I think...