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Looking for a Commentator

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Kristian Nenov, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Hey!

    I started my career for Caterham and I'm going to do YouTube series, so I'm searching for a commentator. I won't rush anybody to make a commentary as soon as possible - when you have time, you can do it. But, of course, not months after I've made the race. :D

    Here's a video of the Melbourne race, anyone who wants can leave his info or/and even try and show me what he's capable of. :) The video is long, but I'll want to upload full races with commentaries. :)

    EDIT: I need the commentator to speak in English. :D
  2. Umm, forgot to tell that if you can't directly download it from YouTube - tell me so I can upload it to the internet.
  3. Hmmmmm... I could do a German version xD

  4. Well, I don't even know German. :(

    So, yea. Sorry, I'll add it above that I need it to be in English. Sorry. :)
  5. No matter - maybe I'll give it a try in English as well, but don't rely on me :) If I did, there might be some mistakes in it :)
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  6. You'll speak english for 1 hour and 33 mins nonstop for nothing?:D Good guy, keep seriosly on the end when you must say "Mr Nenov from Bulgaria wins with Caterham".:D:D
  7. I don't get it what you're trying to say?
  8. Kristian I really looking forward to your youtube series but I just want to give a little advice for you. Don't upload the full race it's too long and people won't watch the whole just fastforward it. Make a nice and short highlight from the important moves with commentary is the best in my opinion.

    Also if you want we can start a coop series sometime. Maybe it would go with the calendar of the ARL league.
  9. Did you get Zoltan? 1,33h is too long and boring for a sim replay at youtube, my movies were even 5 mins lol... The rest was a joke. ;)
  10. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Ill disagree with you there Zoltan my 100% races are watched more than the highlights with or without commentary. The audience retention sure started of badly at between 0-5% but now most races are looking at between 20-25% attention span. Only took a year :p
  11. I think you get this info from youtube but my problem with that is if you start a video there youtube counts it as a full watch no matter how much you actually watch from that video. I believe that people start the full race videos for certain tips like setups and pitstops but I'll doubt that they watch the full race without fastforwarding it. It is pretty boring to just watch it when you can actually sit down and drive yourself.
    Also making a commentary for 1h30min is a pretty hard job. It isn't impossible but it is pretty hard.

    This is only my opinion and this is why I suggested Kristian to reconsider it.

    Also Kristian Nenov didn't answered my coop question. :(
  12. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    There is a graph within the analytics which gives you audience retention for each video minute by minute.
  13. Umm, no you can get info in YouTube how much of the video is being watched. I can actually tell you about my 100% race if you want to, but when I get home.

    As for your Co-op question - I'll resist for now simply because I don't have enough time. In time - we can do it, of course. I even wanted to do it long time ago with you, but now - I just can't at the moment. :(