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Look what's back again!!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by richabc, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. I'd prefer to make a new home here to be honest.

    RSC has been so unstable, and it really doesn't do Racer any favours when it's up and down every five minutes. It was also getting slow again.

    Just like when we moved from High Gear to RSC, I feel this move to Racer Department should be a more permanent one :D

    If we can get the old data that was good from RSC and make some new sticky/faq threads here, then great, but to be honest RSC Racer forum was a big mess and needed lots of work. Starting fresh here (with some better admin/organisation) will be much better :)

  2. I must agree with Mr. Whippy here. RSC was great, it was fun, it was unstable. I kind of like it here and intend to stay here.. but then again.. it does depend on the masses, if they move, there will be no new content here.. so.. please stay.. ;)
  3. Looks pretty suspect to me :frown:. Just back online and there's already two guys on there selling stuff? Looks like they just sold the domain to someone else.

    Ditto with the guys above, RSC was great and I was as sorry as anyone to see it go but I like it here, more stable/organized and has a nice atmosphere (some parts of RSC got really bad at the end).

    Just my £0.02 :smile:
  4. The domain was sold to SimRaceWay.

    I'm glad you guys like it here. IMO it's a perfectly suitable home for you all.
  5. yeah i really like it here too, and yes.. i will stay here for shore..,
    but im curious what will happen to RSC..
    agree with you guys too.. RSC was nice, but i think with some time.. Racedepartment will be more awesome..

    i think im going to give it a try to make cars for racer..

  6. As others have said, this place is it now. RSC was a joke by the end, never making its required donations, the main servers going down, the databases breaking, the backups not being done correctly if at all - they tried to make it great, but it seems that no-one there cared enough to get things right. Of course, I don't know what happened behind the scenes, but it had some catastrophic systematic failures.

    A small thing, I know, but the logo on the top right of these pages, the car that looks like a Séat Léon on the front, a Mazda 3 in the middle, and a Honda Civic at the back - it's got TEETH. It's mad cool.
  7. here is racer home now. RSC made i lose my interest on racer... hopefully, now, here, i got wish to keep in.

    bye bye RSC!
  8. I am staying here! Love the place! :D
  9. Same for me, also It seems all old stuff is gone anyway over there.
  10. This is the new Racer's home. RSC is past!
  11. LOL I never wanted to go back the last time. I'm glad to see so many want to stay here. I do think there should be an effort to archive as much of our data from there as possible.

    Alex Forbin
  12. glad Racer has a new home. we all agree.

    then people have to start posting there mods, even if it's old..
    so that we can discuss it or even modify.... no?
  13. I'm glad all of you are pleased with the new Racer board, it was hard to get familiar with the old one at RSC, too many threads, too many dead links, too long load times. I also prefer this place here. It's just a bit sad that all the tutorials are gone.
  14. I also like Race Department more than RSC, because everything is so smooth here :)
  15. Thinking about that, will the Google cache have much of the stuff on there? Not looked but worth a go perhaps?!
  16. RSC was easier to navigate and was faster than RaceDepartment when looking at the screenies but it had it's problems and I intend to stay with RD.

    Thanks to them we have a place to post problems, fixes, content and all the good stuff the community did at RSC.
  17. Indeed!

    RSC used to has simple picture viewer. I must say is a bit boring to click each picture in the picture section, and wait each one load, close.... RSC if you upload the picture in that own system, automatically it was opened and was just simple to roll the mouse and keep viewing. Another thing i used to like in RSC, and didn't see here, is separated folders for WIP and RELEASED.. is a lot practical for anybody who is searching done cars. And keep the forum visual, clean. Just few suggestions.. overall, i like here very much! i was tired to get down on rsc all day, all month... every time, without a prevision when we could be back..
  18. yeah thats gotta be done AMGfan!
    easy to navigate..