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Misc Look at Apex Mod v1.2

Look at Apex feature in both cockpit and TV pod views and with wider range of camera tweaks

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  1. nicely done. thanks a lot.:cool:
  2. cool, thanks
  3. Q. Do you add file to main folder.
  4. holzgrend


    Hey...fantastic mod :thumbsup: Can you make the Look At Apex mod wiht more effect? Different Levels of this effect would be fantasic;)
  5. Yes, the contents, it's just one file that is overwritten (make backup). It is the application.erp inside ego_package inside asset_groups.
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  6. Yes you can, the default is 4 for cockpit view, I changed it to 8. The pod cam had none so I included that section and set it to 6.

    It's quite easy to do with Ryder's Ego ERP Archiver. (Thanks Ryder, ;))
  7. holzgrend


    i can`t do it this....can you help me please?:cry:
  8. Sure, I can make the cockpit with 10 and TV pod with 8. With what view do you race?
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  9. holzgrend


    Thank you very much:thumbsup: I am racing with cockpit cam
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  10. holzgrend


    Thank you so much i love thid:thumbsup:
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  11. Is it possible to do lap times on top right box little bigger, or is this locked ?
  12. Hey :)
    is there a chance to make the gear status from TVpod view also seen at the cockpit view??
    thx :)
  13. Hey another request, could you remove the starting lights?
  14. There is a mod called 'OSD Mod' which do this ;)
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  15. The lookatapex works fine, great mod, but can me someone give a hind for the HUD in cockpit view (like it is in the second image)?

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2016
  16. If you want to use hud in cockpit view you have to sacrifice the offset pod view. Use one of the files with no offset pod view, select your in game driving view as offset pod and adjust the camera till you get a cockpit view.

    I know know the helmet/visor can get in the way but there is an option in the file to disable driver head. Haven't tested it though...
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  17. Interesting didn't think of that thanks for that tip, and here I am going crazy trying to get the dash to work in all views with editing the json files :roflmao:
  18. How did you get the camera of the 4TH image ?