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logitech G25

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Phil Lawrence, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. heya folks ive managed to find a G25 for £100 is that a good price?

    i can imagine that its worth every penny as its a G25 in good condition but it has no drivers. not a problem they are easily obtained from the logitech site but is there anything i should be looking out for, common problems that could be leading to the seller selling as im considering contacting the seller but for £100 its no small change to throw at someone for a dud wheel.

    why do you want a wheel?

    i`m looking at getting a wheel because race 07 and race sims in general are a lot better on wheels over using a controller.

    Race 07 in particular has pretty poor controller support, there is no braking whilst the throttle is engaged making trail braking impossible and affecting the car in a rather negative way.

    if anyone could either recommend this wheel or note something that i should know i would be very happy to hear it.

    many thanks :)
  2. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    It's a very good wheel and the only thing I've heard is the switchable gear stick h-shift/seq can be a bit temperamental but I don't have that one so its only hear say. Do you have something sturdy to clamp it to?
  3. I have one now for almost five years
    still happy with it
  4. @Justin Swan i used to have a rig that i put together out of a bookshelf (for my console days) it was great fun but unfortunately its long gone however currently i have the dining room table at my disposal although i probably wont be able to throw the jigsaw at it i may be able to clamp to it.

    also £100 is still a lot for me and i may have to wait a couple weeks for that i`m torn between getting a G25 or the DFGT grrr the GT25 is so much sexier than the DFGT.
  5. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    @Phil Lawrence The DFGT, G25 and G27 all have the same clamping system and it will require your rig/table/desk to have a relatively thin edge to the table to clamp to, so bear this in mind, see image. It wouldn't clamp to my dining table as it doesn't have much of an overhang.

    BTW, the shifter clamps in the same way (except DFGT)

    You could always add one of these at a later date, maybe a Christmas Present ;)

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