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Apparel Legia Wa-wa F1 Team 2013-09-04


  1. what does the ado den haag logo on the car?
  2. This mod should be listed as "Skins", not as "Apparel"...
  3. Improve your logo quality a lot.
    Need to use high quality logos.
    And it seems you have done it in some other software other then photoshop, so it is difficult to make logos perfect but still.
  4. Dont be so hard, its probably hes first skin, so everyone need to start somewhere ;)
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  5. koleszko
    each with something begins
    So I do not know what you mean
    I see that you discriminated against as you started
    What was your first mod?
    it certainly was not good quality
    and after that it says
    "This is just the beginning, the final version comes out soon"
    you have trouble reading?
  6. Legia fans are friends with fans den hag
    so it is with the fans Olimpia Elblag, Zaglembie Sosnowiec and Pogoń Szczecin
  7. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Basically if this still is WIP as you by your own admissions call it.....it should not have been put up as a download yet.

    Downloads should be for the finished project, with maybe some additional work done to correct things.

    And to be honest I didn't read Geralds comments as anything derogatory.....he was trying to give you a little advice on how to improve your work. And to be honest he is 100% correct too.

    When finished it should go under the skins section aswell, you don't wear a car.
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  8. I didn't mean to offend you.
    I was just suggesting and putting forward my opinion.
    The rest is upto you.
    If we post something, we should be ready to get opinions and suggestions.
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