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Legend Extreme AI

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by koeloe, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]Allthough I can't compete on Legend some still want them faster. On average 0.5sec/lap faster for all teams, all tracks and all levels.

    The 2 pics are mod and no-mod on Australia.

    Note: Use JSGME or Ryder's mod enabler.


    Legend Extreme AI
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  2. gracias

  3. I tried your mod out. But first I wanted to see if It really was difference before using it on career mode.

    WITHOUT the mod in One Shot Quali(Top Three):

    WITHOUT the mod in Normal Quali(top three):

    WITH the mod in One Shot Quali(Top three):

    WITH the mod in Normal Quali(top three):


    All these times were tested on LEGEND difficulty and Quick race. And I pressed escape and used Skip Session to get the times fast(instead of driving around a whole lap)

    I know for a fact if you stay out on track with the AI they go much faster(some bug with the game I guess).

    For example, if you start a new session with normal qualification and you go out and do a fast lap, then immediately as you cross the line press return to garage and fast forward the time or skip session, you'll easily be on pole, but if you instead just put ur car on the side and go AFK for the whole session they will be some second/s faster than if you were to skip/fast forward the session.

    Dont know if there's a workaround that. That's probably why your times are 1-2 seconds faster than mine.
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  4. Yup, career they went 1:42 on Valencia, quick race, 1 shot Q 1:40
  5. Does this mod make ai pace quicker in races also?
  6. Yes it does. You have to let the ai run their qualifying though and not fast forward otherwise it will use simulated times.

    This mod gives all the ai cars more grip. I used to tweak just some teams that were too slow or too fast in the 2nd and 3rd season when the teams move around in tier levels.

    I was trying this by giving them more grip they will brake later or carry more speed through corners even on the pro level I'm playing on.

    I can do a radical Legend ai where they will be about 1sec/lap faster but first want to run this a couple of races;)

  7. Do they have a faster race pace than the orginal AI? Or is it just qualifying?
  8. So the AI will brake later into corners and carry more speed in the race? This should make them more aggressive when overtaking then right?
  9. I don't know for sure but the fact that they are faster due to tyre grip means their straight line speed stays the same. So they only make time up through the corners but what amount is under braking or corner speed I'm not sure but hoping it is under braking as well.:O_o:

    This is just a change to the tyre physics of all cars and nothing has been changed with ai aggression or behavior.
  10. It is for race and qualifying.
  11. The logic behind this mod is to make the ai quicker under braking and cornering by increasing the grip. It doesn't matter what level you use the speed ratio is just set to be more through corners than straights.

    I did notice that you can make them up to 1sec/lap faster but if you keep increasing the grip it starts to flatten out. The other option would be to combine this mod with tweaking braking distances in the track files. The added grip will keep them from running through corners and missing the apex.

    I've run a 67% race on Sepang and it definitely feels as if they brake later.:O_o:
  12. Does it work in career mode?
  13. Can you not read?
  14. thank you so much! :)
  15. koeloe Thanks for your nice mod.
    Your own mod along with hill's mod -Competitive Breaking Mod-
    have made my career superb.:thumbsup:
    I played on a PC with gamepad.