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Le Mans adventures and questions

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ENDR, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I'm at the end of my second season and I've been invited to race at Le Mans. Yay, me!
    I have done a couple of longish LMP1 races online, so I felt I had the hang of it (the trick was always to survive the mayhem happening all the way until Tertre Rouge). I wanted to do about 2,5 hrs of racing, so on the "race weekend" screen I switched to the "Race" tab to adjust the length to around 10%. And then... I pressed "Enter"...
    Yyyeah... I skipped both the practice and qualifying sessions and effectively placed my car all the way at the back. Yay, me! :unsure:
    So here's my first question: is there a way to restart the WHOLE RACE WEEKEND instead of just the current session?

    Ok, on with the story. So out of curiosity I tried starting from the back, just to see what would happen and how the AI would behave. Well... it doesn't. They crash, spin, brake at the apex of fast corners, swerve all over the track on the Mulsanne (Cause it IS twisty! Seriously!). In a way it's even worse than when racing online - real people keep crashing in the first couple of corners, but you're preetty much safe as soon as you pass Tertre Rouge. The AI doesn't crash as much, but they keep blocking all over the track (even GTs :roflmao:). So it's a real pain to plow through them, but it gets A LOT more fun when you pass the GTs and start racing the REAL racing cars.
    And here's my second issue: how exactly do you setup the cars for endurance races? I've always raced online with realistic damage on, but I've never had an engine blowout as long as I hadn't been damaged in a crash. But here... 3 laps is the most I've managed to do so far. The oil the temperature keeps rising to 120 degrees and then POOF - I'm out. I tried opening the radiators, but that only slows the process. I tried shortshifting and avoiding running on high revs on the straights, but that results in me being VEEEEEEEERY slow and easy pickings for other prototypes. 60 liters of fuel at the start don't help with acceleration either - maybe I should be running with less fuel onboard?
    Also - wastegate pressure. Maximum for qualifying, obviously, but should I (and by how much) reduce it for the race? Would that help with overheating?

    I really want to do a longer race in the career mode, but currently with those issues it's pretty tough to pull off...
  2. Soo... A thought, anyone? :unsure:
  3. I blow prototype engines a lot and haven't managed to get to the bottom of it not Without driving at half speed anyway.
  4. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    no idea man about what you're asking but since you're talking about endurance i have one big question.

    i'm a preety much active racer here in RD within AC, a game which i just love. i just love the feeling of that game.

    i've tried PCars for a while, with various cars in various conditions. the cars seem fine to me (an unexperienced player) though their behavior feel strange sometimes. my big question is - is it worth buying this game (considering it's quite expensive) mainly for the endurance cars? i would love to drive 2-3-4 hours in endurance events along with serious consistent competitors online.
  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    Project CARS is "expensive"?
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  6. The questions are marked with bold font... :rolleyes:
  7. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    in my part of the world, if you pay that amount of money for a game you must be rich. i'm not.
  8. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    i meant i haven't played the game that much so i could give you an answer.
  9. William Wester

    William Wester

    You mentioned you own AC and were considering buying Project CARS. If you were considering pCARS (your comment) I wouldn't assume it wasn't affordable if the same price as AC.
    I understand that I don't understand the cost of goods around the world though.
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  10. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    i forgot to mention in that post that i paid less than 35 for AC :D
  11. I would like to help you if I could but I am not a setup wizard either
    ( ( instead of changing the subject of the tread as above :(, guys discuss the price of the game in another thread, this is not helping the thread question here, which I found very interesting).
    I would think with the long straights rathers smaller radiators would be advised, like monza and spa, ?
    all the other things to save the engine you already mentioned...
    maybe less aero downforce and adjusting the gearbox setup, so you dont revv to early on the long straights? less brake mapping, so the engine doesnt high revs during downshifts
    have no clue what wastegate pressure is, what does it exactly?
  12. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Be sure to turn on auto clutch.