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Last checks before season 12

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. I would like to see a confirmation from all drivers that they have checked that their gear and software is in order. Don't need to reply, just click "agree" if you have tested everything.

    Now is also a chance to get what you need. Majority uses no helmet and no dirtbuildup mods from NoGrip. If you got a second monitor lying around, now is a good time to set it up.

    Using Real Time Telemetry on second screen can help you ton getting your tactic to work. I believe that first race is dry but from race 2 onwards, RTT is one of the only tools that will show you the track grip and rain amount. Very nice to have that info, allthou RTT users will tell the conditions in practice/warmup if you just ask. Also usually we share the race start conditions and forecast, just to be fair to single screen drivers.

    We would share more but chatting is strictly forbidden in race. Not even "sorry", disputes and accidents are dealt with after the race where both parties are required to make their reports. It's very rare that we have really feuded about collisions and you don't need to or are advised to post if your still butthurt.. Calm down, sleep and then start talking.. ;) Radio silence during timed sessions (Q/R)....

    XD is also i think in everyones arsenal and is highly recommended. I use delta time fast/last lap and average fuel calculations on top of my steering wheel on screen and wheel/brake/temp screen on default position (upper left corner.) You can get it from Vitumo.de, i have a good .ini file for 1980x1080 screen and ~60-80FOV.

    Make sure your track map is activated! You should not go on track from pits without it. It's up to everyone that do they switch it on/off when needed but it's common sense to have it on while exiting. Can't remember if that is in the rules but a good reminder. There are two camps: full hud and every bit of information available at all times or minimal hud and clear screen. The latter does allow to get better immersion for some, it's totally personal how much "extra" you want to see.

    Connection check is one step, reboot your router and check you drivers.

    Check your pitstop routine. Make sure every button is mapped and easily available from cockpit. We don't use pit speed limiters to make pitstops somewhat realistic in length, that could be the button you miss from previous leagues/off-season settings.. Autopit is out of question, you will loose too much time.. (for raceday a small tip: Check which pitbox you have and practice pitstop a few times, if you need to brake before the limiter kicks in, mention it to others in chat.. Cars will be in ghost mode on pitlane but fully collideable before and after pit limiter line.. It can be important info.. ok back on season preparations..)

    Check your wheel mountings, check that your pedals aren't spiking or loose. Check that all paddles work, all buttons, everything. Check your seat and that it is comfortable enough for an ass to sit on for +1h ;)

    Don't leave this on raceday.. Then it might be too late to fix things, do it today/tomorrow, please :cry:

    I think i covered all important stuff, it's a long season. May you gear survive it and have fun.
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  2. Heh, just noticed that Rel Time Telemetry works over LAN.. i can use my 32" as RTT monitor, lol.. EDIT: nope, RTT server causes "time remaining" text to appear every 3 seconds on screen.. about a hundred times, lol.. Was quite a challenge to drive with some guests on server.. didn't see crap, had to rely on "periferal" vision.. Well, i guess that was a good simulation of "everythings wrong".. ;) Have to hook up that second monitor anyway.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    good post kennett :thumbsup:

    im as ready as can be, but ill continue to practise tonight and tomorrow, can never have enough when up against the quality of opposition we have.
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  4. Ullinskey Auto-Sport And Affiliates are all a-okay for the season opener. Right now our budget is rather limited so we will not be using a second monitor or a custom skin. :laugh:
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  5. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I've already had the little practise I can fit in unfortunately last weekend :unsure:, I'll calculate fuel and stint perfectly in practise :geek: before adding additional 5 litres and a couple more for slipstreaming in a crazed confusion that ends up with 3.5 laps worth at end of race as usual anyway :cautious:.( note to self must practise pits )
    Other than that I'm also ready as can be :laugh:
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  6. I was well prepared but then came a nasty cold that put everything into darkness.
    With five days without driving, cough fever and dripping nose. So I am sorry to say I can not drive tonight. Hope everyone gets a good race, and may the best man win. Sorry for the late announcement but I thought it would resolve itself into onsdag.See you all in Melbourne
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  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    get well soon kurt :thumbsup:

    see you at melbourne ;)
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