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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ajibola Lawal, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey could anyone with knowledge on gaming laptops recomend some for me that will run rfactor 2 with great fps.I need a laptop as I dont have space for a pc and my current pc isnt good enough to run rfactor 2(even though it has 2.7ghz processor speed which is what I was told was important for rfactor 2. However with everything on lowest settings I only get around 60fps when driving on my own without other cars) I am looking to spend up to 600max but obviously the cheaper the better!:)
  2. I can't say about a laptop but I would go to eBay from wherever you are from and type in "quad core" for me, great deals on computers show up for around $600-800.. I hope this works for you..
  3. Uncheck the VSync!
  4. Most laptops these days have enough cpu horsepower to run a game like rF2, but in general laptop gpu's are vastly underpowered for gaming unless you go for something expensive. I don't think you can get any laptop with such horsepower for 600€.
    rF2 requires both cpu and gpu power. If your cpu is less than a few years old I would suggest to upgrade the gpu in your existing pc, as this is where an easy fps gain can be made.