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Lap time comparisons between different wheels?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Emil Henriksson, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone seen some kind of laptime chart comparing the different wheels on diffferent tracks by the same driver? I'm in the market for a new wheel and have been looking on the csr, csr elite, t500 and g27. I've found alot of tests testing ff etc but no real lap time difference tests. Do you actually gain time on a roadcourse using for example the csrE vs the g27?
  2. I've not tried loads of wheels but have done a few. I'm of the opinion that a better wheel doesn't really make you any quicker, it just gives you a different feel. In my experience the only difference in lap time would be that a poor wheel would make it hard to go as quick as you can, but none of the wheels you've mentioned could really be considered poor.
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  3. Thanks Tom! :)
  4. No problems Emil. All that said, pedals are a different story in my opinion. I think a good set of pedals can help you go quicker. I'm particularly fond of my CSRe pedals because of the load cell brake. I can't imagine having to go back to potentiometer brakes after them.
  5. Yea I can imagine.. the clubsport pedals are on my "to buy list", but now that they announced the V2 I might wait for that one :p
  6. Inside Sim Racing did a half stupid review of a bunch of wheels, but had them all connected to CSPedals, and the outcome was bugger all difference in laptimes...I wish they'd used each wheels standard pedal sets.
    I have a G27, and compared to DFGT, I'm anywhere from 1.5-2.5secs a lap faster, and I can hit my fast times over and over, so if I did a average time of DFGT vs G27, G27 would make a mockery of DFGT, but it's obviously the pedals, both the brake and the gas.
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  7. I have to agree the wheel is for fell and the pedals are the key to lap times. But we need to account for the T500's over steer issue on PS3 games that it does not have on the same game on PC.

    I have spent 150 hours or so getting mine adjusted and the difference between pc and ps3 is well night and day when we talk about the over steer issue.

    The V2 clubsports will be under my x-mas tree for sure I simply hope they get their support issues worked out this time and felt the test thing they did showed a step in the right direction.
  8. Yep, I would also add that it took me a while to get used to the brakes, but also the fact that I had a lot more control under my gas pedal, so if someone gets a G27 or greater, give yourself a week or 2 to adjust.
    When you get better pedals, you'll also be able to use some of those crazy sets that were to hard to drive with standard pedals.
  9. Exactly my experience when i went from DFP to G25(with nixim mod). I dropped my lap times also by 1-2 seconds per lap and the harder to drive cars got more controlable. Now i´m on a set of CSP´s with GT3rs and again the cars got more controlable and my lap times dropped again a tiny bit. From my observation what makes you faster is the consistency in the laps, my fastest sector times are still the same as before, but i can link a lot more fast sectors together now, which gives me faster lap times.
    And pedals really seems to be the key. As funny as it sounds the best improvement (aside from the loadcell) from the CSP compared to the G25 pedals, was the feel (modulation) of the gas pedal, this really helped to drive cars that are hard to control( due to power).
  10. Yes, it really is criminal to be using less than a G27 for sims these days, especially these days as G27 is cheap now and sims are poping up everywhere.
    No question in my mind that pedals are the major factor in fast consistent lap times.
    CSP's sound like da bomb!!!
  11. Well for me i currently own a DFP wheel and i believed i drive on the limit that i can go at, at this time. i once had driven with a G25 wheel belonging to a friend and i must say it felt so alien but so perfect/lighter and seem to have less resistant/heaviness, i like :). in time i'm looking to get a more high end wheel with good pedals like a T500 or CSRe and hope to shave of 1-2 seconds:thumbsup:
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I currently own a G25 and a CSR . Between those wheels I did not notice a change in my performance.

    I owned both DFGT and DFPro in the past and did not notice a change in performance with them.

    My performance changed when I moved from the DFGT pedals to the G25 pedals. For me the firmer brake pedal made a world of difference for me.
  13. I don't know how the wheel affects the lap times cause I'm still using my DFGT but since I bought CSR Elite pedals my lap times became better and better.
  14. Have a question, To improve in Sim Racing should i cancel out the potentiometer system?