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Lamborghini Huracan GT3 @ Barcelona Moto

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Coenwulf, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Mighty fast this Lambo (compared to the Audi at least) lapping into 1:41's with this setup.

    EDIT: Lap time done at Moto layout

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  2. Dux


    What? 1.41's?

    I was on a server, around 100 guys drove it and fastest was 1.47.0, if you do faster than 1.45's i'd buy you a Ferrari
  3. Moto or GP Barcelona?
  4. Dux


    I might have been little harsh and 1.45 perhaps is reachable but 1.41's thats wow.
    I certainly wish he is right and setup is correct. Ill be going 5 seconds faster than the fastest Huracan at the server.
  5. Hehe, yes, fear not the 1:41 was done at Moto. For GP 1:46's for sure and knowing some alien creatures out there probably 1:45's too.
  6. Did your server have 100% grip?
  7. Dux


    98% and increasing
  8. Barcelona GP 1.45.4 hotlap on youtube.
  9. I did 1.46.7 so far but I can go below 1.46. But... the record on RSR is 1.42.002 right now... I have no freaking idea how. Smells like some kind of bug abuse :p
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  10. I know this is for Barcalona, but I set at 6:15 on Nords Tourist with this setup, easily a 6:14.XXX though :D
  11. Ted

    On a BMW S1000RR IRL, here anything with 3+ wheels

    Excellent setup, @Coenwulf! Immediately shaved a second off my lap time (to 1:47.3) on my second lap. Thanks! I have quite a few "Coenwulf.ini" setup files now, keep them coming! :)
  12. Dux


    Here is my video from yesterday and in the lap before this one, which is shown in the video i lost almost whole second in S3 on those tight left-right corners at the pitline as i was exiting had lots of oversteer and slided, so in the next lap i was +0.500 in S1 already and i carried +0.550 to S2 then came S3 where i did my mistake on previous lap, and with 2 corners to the straight finish line i was -0.700 of my previous lap time and i did this one.

    If i repeat the lap i had when i did the big mistake i am under no illusions that we can go under 1.45

    Take into account this lap is done on a server with all mechanical failures plus fuel and tyres so on on 98% grip and increasing.

    You can find the server under the name "realisticsimracing"
  13. It is low 1:42 and below we are talking about here... I still don't find it possible but maybe with a good setup )which I am not capable of creating) I could do it..
  14. Dux


    1:42 is not possible unless you talk about MotoGP layout which is not specified on the tread.

    On GP layout though, some very high 1.43 might be the limit but i dont see it any further than that
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  15. Did some laps today with mostly default setup and best i got was 45.1. Only changed tyres to soft, took some fuel out, aero 1/4 and made some gearing adjustments.

    If wouldnt completely mess up the last chicane it would of been around 44.8. So i guess with better setup high 43 or low 44 might be doable. But 42 is simply impossible.
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  16. Moto, not GP circuit
    edit: may have misread your post, apologies if that's the case
  17. Well... On GP 1:42 dead was the record last time I checked. On RSR app.
  18. It seems like that RSR site web leaderboards doesnt work with this track & there is only few entries. But really, cant see how someone could do 1.42 on GP layout without doing something fishy.
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  19. All the times got erased recently