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Laguna Seca CG

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by maverickg, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone :) I'm looking for Laguna Seca track , but CG version . Ayone released this one ? :) Regards
  2. It was done a long time ago, I have it but it's not,afaiR, (as far as I remember), not updated to cg.

    It's not uptodate. There are over 200 textures that need cg shaders along with errors in the splines and a few Qlog errors that need fixing.

    I'm working on it and will post here when I finish fixing and updateing the track.
  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    look at my site...
  4. Where's the link to your site, Alex? I'd like to compare it with what the one I have, thanks.
  5. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Bob, klick on my Name and "Visit Homepage"...^^

    updated version online...fixed the idealline shader...
  6. Got it Alex, looks good with the idealline on track. Noted that there are some objects that don't cast shadows, like the tents in the pits. That is due to the blendfunc in the transparent shaders.

    I have also deleted all the shadow dof's and about 75 others that are duplicates of dof's already there. Deleted a buch of images that aren't used. Cleaning up the garbage takes a bit of time.

    Fps on both versions is currently about 38 fps with my imp at s/f line, trying to get it higher.

    Sending the cache folder with a download is not good practice, makes smaller files without it.

    Anyway, thanks!
  7. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    oops...sry..i forgot^^
    If you are ready with cleane up you can sen it back and i put it on my page...THX
  8. Thanks Alex, will send when done.
  9. Looking forward to this... it's a great track and should look good with updated shaders and a few texture tweaks :D

    If you need location specific/correct TOD curves let me know as I can make some... but also need a date too...


  10. TOD curves are the responsibility of the person downloading a track as their system settings may be different than mine or a track creator.

    Every track I download I have to change the TOD files to suit my settings.
  11. That's pretty darn *bleep* :D
  12. What's different in your settings? O.o
  13. TOD curves are absolutes.

    What system settings could make them differ? Monitor colour calibrations and brightness/contrast settings?

    I agree though, lots of the defaults look iffy, but I'd say that is as much to do with the fact that TOD curves are location and date specific mainly because sunset/sunrise change in positional terms automatically, but the curve intensities themselves do not :(

    Well not yet.

    In theory we should be generating those curves from the sky and sun intensities which are generated by the sky simulation... ideally the only curves we need are extinction factor, mie and ray, and clouds I guess... they impact the sky dome intensities, and from those we can populate the intensity curves :D

    Though I'd like to see us just go IBL anyway... IBL ftw :D

  14. Ideally, I would just like to specify the location of the track's origin on Earth via lat/long coords and perhaps a date and let Racer do the rest. :D
  15. Well, yes.

    That should get you 90% of the way there.

    But you will always need to define what the 'weather' is like... which is what mie/ray/extinction_factor/clouds are essentially doing.

    I'm happy to generate TOD curves that are specific for people. I'm currently using 3DS Max IES sky for the same date/locations as Racer and then measuring values from it every 1hr and then every 5 mins at dusk/dawn for added quality.

    IES is used in the industry for architectural analysis of buildings and light impacts, so it's good quality data as a base to work off :D

    But you also need to do two sets, one for a clear day and then one for cloudy (where diffuse is reduced and ambient is boosted)

    Again, ideally, these would be generated as we go from clouds 0 > clouds 1 we would see the sun become occluded (lower it's intensity in the live envmap and thus lower the intensity of the diffuse value), and ambient to diffuse value ratio would increase (clouds become more illuminated than natural sky background colour in some cases, less blue tint in envmap etc)

    I think currently Ruud is using a mipped envmap to determine scene intensity for the auto exposure, soooo, in theory, if we also sample the envmap mip when it's at say 16x16, we should get a good idea of the intensity point from the sun (take brightest value from the mip), and then take the average value of the envmap top half (sky only), then try work out the amount to subtract from that which is due to the sun influence (sun intensity in rgb divided by pixels in top half of envmap?)

    Easy peasy... in theory... it's getting the maths right... but Ruud is good at maths :D

  16. The main thing that makes included TOD files not work well on my computer is the fact that I don't use auto-intensity which doesn't give me the lighting that I like.

    That's why, imho, they don't need to be included. It's still ok if they are, I just replace them with mine.
  17. Hmmm...

    I'd try fix the underlying issue, unless it's just due to old hardware that doesn't support auto exposure properly?

    Every TOD curve set is set up for the specific location, so ideally you want to change the special.ini lat/long/date data too, otherwise you'll be getting sunsets and intensity changes that don't line up :D

  18. Isn't then only the exposure curve you need to edit?
    The values of the track should be constant, just modified to your taste - which if I understand correctly is the exposure curve.
  19. There is an exposure curve and an exposure compensation curve, iirc, so you could tweak those instead I guess :D