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Misc Laguna Seca cameras & sections 1.0

cameras.ini cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini sections.ini

  1. Black Wagtail submitted a new resource:

    Laguna Seca camerass & sections - cameras.ini cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini sections.ini

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  2. This should have been for Mazdaraceway.......Laguna is ok, but the mazdayraceway is more drivable with AI's
  3. cameras_1.ini TV 2
    2015-06-12_00032.jpg 2015-06-12_00034.jpg 2015-06-12_00014.jpg 2015-06-12_00017.jpg 2015-06-12_00035.jpg 2015-06-12_00036.jpg 2015-06-12_00037.jpg 2015-06-12_00023.jpg 2015-06-12_00026.jpg 2015-06-12_00038.jpg
  4. cameras_2.ini TV 3 static
    2015-06-12_00003.jpg 2015-06-12_00006.jpg 2015-06-12_00009.jpg 2015-06-12_00012.jpg 2015-06-12_00015.jpg 2015-06-12_00018.jpg 2015-06-12_00021.jpg 2015-06-12_00024.jpg 2015-06-12_00027.jpg 2015-06-12_00030.jpg