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Lack of SF15-T and F138 skin templates

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Minuseven, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. So I can't check myself, as I am away from home, but a friend told me that no skin templates for the SF15-T and F138 from the new Red Pack are included. Is this true? Why not? It's disappointing to me, I was looking forward to making my own SF15-T skin. Hopefully there can be some what I can edit my own skin without trying to figure out the UV map on my own!
  2. I haven't looked if there are templates, but I think if there really are none, then licensing of the F1 cars is the reason and Ferrari doesn't want to see other designs.
  3. There are skins for Vettel/Raikkonen and Alonso/Massa. What did you expect? Mercedes skins?
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  4. Lots of cars have been released without templates - but I wouldn't be surprised if it's never provided considering the license restrictions.
  5. I expected to be able to create my own skin using the included templates, like practically every other race car in the game! Even the 488 GT3 comes with one.

    It's expected from Ferrari, they're especially protective of their F1 image, which is disappointing, considering iRacing has the MP4-30, which has the ability to be repainted.
  6. well, McLaren has no image to defend in F1 currently :) jk.
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  7. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
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    Hm, seems like the Skin_00.dds is also hidden. Pretty sure it's Ferrari license restrictions. Well, we'll see, some crafty modders might find a way.

    Edit: I stand corrected. FOM are the bad guys :D
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  8. Oh okay that was a missunderstatement from me then. Yeah thats really hard that there are no moddable skins :confused: I thought we´ll get a full grid with mod skins.
  9. Turk


    Ferrari's GT race cars are a product they sell to customers. Their F1 cars are their own, they're not for sale. There are no paint options in the real world, so for heightened sim value they shouldn't allow other paint schemes. :coffee:
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  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    It's FOM being protective, not Ferrari. FOM sells the rights to have the F1 product in a video game to Codemasters, as such they only allow one car from modern seasons to be included in a non-F1 game because they'd prefer people by the Codies Official F1 game if they want a full field. The 488 GT3 is sold to many customers, has many liveries available, and isn't tied to one series, so they can be allow custom skins. And of course FOM has no control over Ferrari's GT cars, so they have no say over what gets done with the 488.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.16.27 AM.png
  11. But then that brings up the obligatory mention of the MP4-30 in iRacing. It doesn't suffer the same restrictions as the SF15-T, custom paintjobs are allowed and embraced, and (here's where this claim breaks down), it's from the same season as the SF15-T. That's 2 2015 cars licensed to different games. It makes this FOM claim seem all sorts of weird to me.
  12. The FOM claim is that games without F1 license like F1 201x by Codemasters can only make one modern F1 car, or one per season (the details might differ if the car is modern or classic).
    Then the restrictions to skins, templates, access in game I assume come from the manufacturer, since FOM can't really decide how a car should be presented and simulated, but only the manufacturer can with their car.
  13. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    That could be, but let's not forget the whole FOM/Reiza debacle that came about because ASM liveries were near copies of the real F1 team liveries. So at least in some scenarios FOM does have a say over how the cars are presented/simulated.

    Regardless, if we want the privilege to to play with their virtual toys we have to obey FOM/Ferrari rules whether we like them or not and none of us know exactly why the rules exist or who makes them or why they can vary from one game to another. If I owned one of the most recognizable brands in the world I'd be fairly protective of it too.
  14. i have a straight up porsche gt3 cup livery on iracing. there are no restrictions on brands you can slap on any car minus obscenity. its a different ballgame.

    we cant know how the negotiations went down. even though you can literally label a RUF a porsche gt3 cup car, they had that bizarre stipulation that iracing had to leave the interior for the race-spec cars identical to the road models. meanwhile porsche apparently decided their trademark being used without permission wasnt a battle worth fighting in that particular case.

    most likely mclaren decided they'd allow custom liveries for the mp4-30 (or didnt know what they were getting into; last i knew the most popular were ironically the 2015 & now 2016 ferraris), while ferrari, for reasons that i think should be pretty obvious, didnt want mclaren (or god knows what) liveries slapped on their F1 cars. i dont think its at all unreasonable. im also all for someone finding a way to bypass it.

    kunos might not be lying outright, btw; FOM went after reiza for like liveries, but apparently the user-made, painstakingly identical official liveries available to anyone on iracing are fair game, at least for now. its likely a 'convenient' situation for both kunos & ferrari where something they'd already worked out, or would've, also happens to be an FOM no-no.