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Tracks Kunos tracks with extra pit boxes 1.9

Addons for Kunos tracks to have more pit boxes

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  1. is there anyway to make this work online?

    i still get an error when using these tracks on my server
  2. download is not working, can you sent me a different link
  3. Go OVERVIEW there is all tracks with download links
  4. Is there an upper limit to the number of cars? 100+ at the Nurb 24 would be epic (also probably melt most CPU/GPUs).
  5. hi, can you add some pits for le mans track please

    possible to up to 50 pît box ?

  6. The game will not be able to run so many... I would say 32 is the good limit... might be a bit more...
  7. Hi. First of all thanks for this awesome idea!
    But I don't get it... although I unpacked everthing correctly Spa for instance won't show up to have more than 24 pits.. Any ideas?

    EDIT: I use Content Manager and it looks like the circuits with originally only one setup are the ones that don't show up (Monza, Spa, Zandvoort etc...)
    Still, any ideas?

    EDIT2: Nevermind, solved it myself. For people having the same problem: Unpack the downloads and rename the track folders which have only one setup bevore you copy it to content/tracks. For instance "spa" to "spa_osrw".

    EDIT3: Forget it, there will be a texture error then apparently.... grrrrrr -.-
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
  8. When I click the download button I get a graphic pop-up OSRW with a little dude...