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Knight racing looking for drivers

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Chris Knight, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Due to me unable to race for most of this season im looking for drivers to race in the team wilst i take a back seat and manage the team

    let me know if your intrested
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  2. bump still looking for drivers
  3. ok 1 more wt seat left pm if intrested
  4. seats filled.
  5. I , Iam Brazilian, hey i Want join the formula simracing ..please have vagancy for me????
  6. still looking for drivers anyone intrested
  7. i am intresting
  8. I'm thinking of joining the WT series as I am new to this mod but not online racing. I quit the F1 2011 leagues this month (pm if you would like to know why) so am looking for a Saturday race :)
  9. Hi, we are two great drivers from "F1CL LEAGUE", wich is the most competitiv french F1 league. (2011 A & B League champions)
    (http://endurance-inside.fr/actualites/resultats-manche-1-12h-sebring for example on "endurance", but we are F1's driver at first ! )

    We can discuss on private or mail, i wrote you by your website !

    Answer me fast if you are interested please !

    Maybe we'll create our team if we must !

    Best regards.
  10. looking for drivers again. Its almost half way through the season looking for at least 1 driver for each of the knight teams. Eduard Kore is doing an amazing job with Ika and michael helping out too. Would you like to join them?
  11. i would love to join the team but do i still have to pay for the liscence
    if your instested in me please pm me or
    email at face04@hotmail.co.uk with all the details and contacts
  12. Ryan Littlemore

    Ryan Littlemore

    I am also interested in joining the team, ive not yet paid for a licence
    Got experience racing on F1 games on the xbox 360, also good with setting up a car too and done many laps and put videos of them on youtube.

    If you guys are interested in me please feel free to private message or email me at Ryanlittlemore@hotmail.co.uk with details
    Many Thanks
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I am interested in doing a test drive with you to see If I am competitive for World Series
  14. Hello I have been looking to do something like this for years but never got the chance, I love driving fast cars. I would really appreciate the chance to show if I have what it takes to stick with the big boys, you can email me direct if you prefer st343n@yahoo.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you soon with some more details.

    Kind regards
    Ste McGlynn
  15. Hi Ste. at the moment the season is over until next year. We will be hiring probably around jan or feb again. We will probably keep the same structures for the teams with most if not all our drivers the same. so we may only have 1 or maybe 2 seats open. If your still intrested then feel free to pm me or email me. we have a website too so take a look around