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Kimi's E21 in FM5 !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by Tr3voRR, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Makes me angry that I will not be able to play FM5... specially seeing Kimi's F1 !
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  3. i bought a xbox 360 just to play forza's and love it to bits, the car choice is amazing BUT AND A BIG BUT…… any chance of some more tracks? lots more different ones to the same old same old ones we've had to race around for years now!
    P L E A S E…..
  4. Gamespot has posted a gameplay video:

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  5. Buy an XBOX ONE and then you can.
  6. Loan me the money and I will.
  7. Not you as well, lol.

    You sound like CLUBGTR in the Assetto Corsa thread, lol.

    Alternatively, buy F1 2013 for PC (or whatever your gaming platform is) that is definitely cheaper than the XBOX ONE.

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  8. Nope not me, I am always Tr3voRR. I game on PC but I had all the forza games on 360 and I would love to play FM5 and other exclusives on that console.

    From what I saw in person and from the videos, it seems it's a lot more gorgeous than PCARS and if there was a decent AA in FM5, the game would be at an unreachable level until the next big car game.
  9. I didn't say you were him, said 'sounded like him' in the fact you asked (jokingly) to loan you the money for an XBOXONE.

    In the AC forum, someone called CLUBGTR was asking for someone to buy him the early access version of AC, lol.

  10. lol I understood, I was just clearing it out just in case ^^. Shish yeah I wish someone would loan me the money haha
  11. T,

    Looks like the Lotus F1 car is not an unlocked car from the start in Forza 5, but it can be bought with real cash or earned in game credits. But therein lies the issue going by the following article from VVV - http://www.teamvvv.com/en/news/comments/Forza-5s-monetisation-is-an-alarming-rip-off

    The car costs 6 million in game credits (which are earned through playing the game), or you can buy it for 10,000 tokens, which equates to over £60 (this in a game that has already cost £55, lol).

    So, looks like it is best you don't save up for an XBOX ONE and Forza 5 as you'll then need either 100's of hours playing to earn the in game credits or stump up the real cash for the 10,000 tokens. Gold old Microsoft and Turn 10.

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    • Kimmis Lotus is a present This weekend for limited Edition owners
  12. Here's a tip guys. If you just want to try the Lotus.. Follow these simple instructions..

    What you must do is go to the free race, on car select go to rent a car. At this point just pick any car.. Then back out to the free race menu and you'll see your rental car selected.
    Next step, go to the buy car option and select the lotus F1 car. When its asking you to select which colour, just back out to the free race menu and you'll see the Lotus car is available to drive.. This in principle works with any car from the buy car thingy.

    I had a sneaky spin in it a few days ago.. Great fun to drive. A little weird if you're used to play the codemasters F1 games though

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