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KERS and the HRT

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kevin Amankwah, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Edit: This is about career mode and if KERS can be obtained by backmarkers (HRT, Virgin, Lotus) after season one in career. T4RG4 said that KERS can be installed if you do well enough in the season prior, and I'm looking for anyone that has KERS installed in their car. /Edit

    Did anyone using the HRT in career mode get KERS? Or with any backmarker team?

    I've played two seperate HRT careers without them getting KERS once. I did all the R&D, exceeded team targets, and didn't fail race objectives. So why haven't I got KERS for this car yet? I thought the devs said that these teams can get KERS if you do well enough.

    Is there a value in the database I can tweak?
  2. Neither Virgin,Lotus or HRT will ever get the benefits of KERS due to Licensing issues. If your playing realisticaly then i'd aim to find a better contract with one of the higher teams.
  3. Thanks, but do you have a link or a idea where it was mentioned that it was a licensing issue?
  4. yes,
    google knows
  5. Anyone tried starting new career with the Tier 5 team with the new patch? As with every little changes the new database might have triggered the KERS to be available for the Tier 5 team. I'm doing it now, but don't think I will stay with Virgin in season 2.
  6. Google told me this:

    (Source - https://twitter.com/#!/T4RG4/status/91924894744457218) You cannot unlock KERS as an upgrade during the season (and this looks to be accurate in real life too) but...

    (Source - https://twitter.com/#!/T4RG4/status/91924987920912384) ...if your team moves up a level for the next season they will likely start with KERS.

    No mention of license issues but he did state that if you do well enough in a season with a backmarker you can get KERS the next year (which hasn't happened to me ever as stated in the first post)

    So I prefer an actual link of him saying it's not in due to licensing instead of a comment that leads nowhere :)
  7. I think you might have missed the point of the thread. It isn't about the first year of career as I know those teams don't have KERS. However if you read my reply above, T4RG4 said if you do well enough in your first year of career, the team you are one can get KERS. That hasn't happened to me and I'm looking for someone who has the experience of getting KERS on the HRT after season one.

    I guess it's my fault for not explaining in the first post properly, that's why the point of the thread was missed. I apologise and will update the OP.