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Jenson Button Retiring?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Melonade, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Jenson Button has announced he will not drive in 2017, but could return in 2018 if Fernando Alonso decides to move team or retire. The 2009 Champion has signed an ambassador role and can race next year if necessary.

    What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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  2. No he is not retiring. He's taking a break and allowing the new driver to have a go.
  3. That's why I said he 'could' return in 2018.
  4. Didn't Mika do the same thing back in 2001, sabbatical with the intention to come back in 2003 that never happened?. He will only return in case Alonso decides to quit.

    I'm very happy that Stoffel finally has that seat now.!! In mine opinion one of the drivers together with Wehrlein, Verstappen, Ocon the drivers for the future.
  5. So he's not retiring then. :(
  6. No.
  7. And that answers your original post heading. Thank you and good night.