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Japan weekend(s) schedule

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Edit: read down
  2. Why it isnt like in the calendar (WS race)?

    Some (including me) have already made the schedule around the pre-season calendar...
  3. i havent noticed but its ok for me!!!
  4. I only add the races there either after the previous race has ended, or in the case of back to back weekends, 2 weeks before the race.

    This is to avoid people allocating for every race in the beginning of the year and then not showing up (like we see with one driver in WC).
  5. Damn - so much for that weekend going to be for F1 2010 game! :p Thanks for the heads up Mikko!
  6. I mean the calendar on FSR homepage, not the one on GPCOS.

    I think its a bit dissapointing when such a change is announced only week before, it has said 2nd October since the beginning of the season...
  7. After some investigating it seems that I made a mistake in my announcement. I was looking at an old version of the race calendar which was proposed during the pre-season.

    So this means that the WS Japan race will be on October 2nd and the WT race on October 3rd.

    The WC race will still stay on September 26th.