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Tracks Jacksonville Superspeedway 0.8.1

rfactor ;Tiago Lima ; Assetto Corsa

  1. Tiago Lima submitted a new resource:

    Jacksonville Superspeedway - rfactor ;Tiago Lima ; Assetto Corsa

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  2. One for the oval fans! Thanks Tiago! :)
  3. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    Thank u So much nice work
  4. hey! how do you get this corvette for assetto corsa?
  5. Is there AI?
  6. I uploaded an AI file for this track at the official forums...Tiago will have to include it in an update to upload here I believe.

    Look for the IER modding group in the upcoming mods thread..you need to go to their website to download the Vette
  7. thanks =))
  8. hey, please, i am getting an error: TRACK NOT FOUND
    please help me =\
  9. make sure you put it in your steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/tracks

    folder and not
  10. ok
  11. was that the problem?
  12. no =(
    i verificated the location, its all on the right place =\
    im brazilian... sory for bad english
  13. did you unzip it?
  14. yes
  15. hey, i re-downloaded it and it works fine!! very good work!!
  16. hi Tiago,
    can you fix the problem with the walls? i mean the problem if you crash against the outside wall the car fly around.
  17. hmm...
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  18. Could you link to the AI file? I can't locate it. I would greatly appreciate it.