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Ivan Mills gives his Top 5 List of Drivers for 2012

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ivan Mills, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. 1.Sebastien Vettel - even though his car was almost the best on the grid he still managed to beat his teammate M.Webber in spectacular fashion and win his 3rd WDC in a row.
    2.Fernando Alonso - Nando is a true warrior who never takes a break and will hunt you down to the very last race,unfortuanetely his brilliant talent keeps getting denied the car it deserves.
    3.Kimi Raikkonen - amazing comeback for the IceMan,as coming on top of Lewis Hamilton and his MacLaren in the points is no small feat.Also, its hard to overlook his steady consistent form all year and bar a few cockups here and there he was almost perfect all season
    4.Lewis Hamilton - Clearly 4th is a very inapropriate place to sum up his driving this year,but considering how fast MacLaren have been, to finish 4th in the standings is an absolute travesty and insult to him and his abilities.MacLaren have major issues to address and they pay the price by losing a huge talent in him.
    5.Michael Schumacher - Michael has had a few cock ups this year,but all is forgiven when your constantly having to wrestle a naughty car.He makes the Top 5 ,simply for his ability to defy age by duking it out with drivers half his years.

    Ivan Mills is usually found on the RD F1 Forums,he is not the most popular personality by far,in fact his direct/sarcastic approach has earned him more than its fair share of dislikes and frowns ,but loves to watch and follow F1 religiously for as long as he can remember and his accuracy percentage and understanding of the sport aren't bad
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  2. Markus Neumann commends Ivan Mills for his modesty, neutrality and great sense of humor. He reportedly commented: "The kid's got real talent. Sure, he's no Snookster, and maybe he never will be, but in the current generation of forum trolls, few have such raw ability. If he continues working hard and keeps raising his game further, there is no doubt he'll be challenging Diego Lopez for the crown in no time."
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  3. This thread delivers, but could you elaborate on why neither Karthikeyan nor de la Rosa have made it to the top 5?

    They drove a car without brakes. Lets see how Alonso or Vettel would do that!
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  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Wrong :) RD doesn't have a "dislike" button to express negative feelings. Only the "like" button and you have quite a bit of them.

    Cool thread :thumbsup:
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  5. very very touching:cry::cry::cry:
    give me a sec here..

    the disclaimer was cheeky and im glad it was percepted that way...and Markus that is a cute post ,but for a moment there i thought Chris Hempsall might make a surprise appearance and say something about it:D

    appreciate the output :)
    Now i have no choice but to raise my game ..look out
  6. That is indeed a very ,very powerfull question Jordi,in fact it's so powerfull i had to pull up a Narain picture and look for the answer


    unfortuanetely i remain stumped and must offer you a rain check on that one

    However i must say i was a bit harsh on him last time around and perhaps Vijay should give him a chance in the Force India,but tragically thats as far as my powers go...
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  7. And now i have a question of my own:

    Where is the SNOOK???..the guy is pure GOLD!!!:roflmao:
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  8. nodomination
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  9. don't you mean "a NArain check"? :D

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  10. that's right ON JR:D
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