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Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Barnes, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. In the next few weeks I hope to be kicking off a new IndyCar championship with the 2011-spec car (Dallara IndyCar)/

    As for the race calendar and times, the races will be at around 6 or 7PM GMT on Sunday as I have heard there are a lot of Indy races on Saturday but if there are people willing to do Saturday that would be more preferable for me at least. As for times I am more then happy to change to suit needs of those further away (my usual league races at 1-3PM GMT, even as early as 11:30AM when we need to xD). I'm also hoping that the races will be around an hour or so in length.

    Laguna Seca
    Mid Ohio
    Canadian tire Motorsport park

    As you can see the tracks listed are all road courses HOWEVER I may well consider an oval track or two it just depends on what the vast majority want, I know there are some people who can be quite fussy when it comes to ovals

    It's also clear that the majority of tracks here are free, this is deliberately to try and make it more accessible and get a larger grid. If however, we find we are getting a healthy field for each race I may well try hosting on some of the purchasable tracks .

    This league is aimed at all ability levels, the aim is simply to provide an enjoyable racing environment for people from all over the world and most importantly a CLEAN and FUN racing environment!

    If you have any questions or indeed suggestions do leave a response below! As of yet I am unsure with caution settings etc.

    If you want to join the fun just search IS5 IndyCar series on the leagues section of iRacing.

    Dallara IndyCar - circa 2011

    Max Fuel Fill %:

    Weight Penalty:
    0 lb

    Maximum racers: (MAY INCREASE)

    Practice length:

    Qualifier length:
    4 laps or 20 mins

    Race length:
    Laps depends on track but limited to 60 mins

    Starting type:
    Standing start

    Num fast repairs:

    Full course cautions:

    Lucky dog:

    Restart type:
    double file lapped at back

    Hardcore level:
    Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist OK)

    Hope to hear from you guys soon

  2. I was looking forward to RD setting up some league races, this is great! Unfortunately, I don't have this car. I may have to think about getting it now...
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  3. It's one of the cheaper cars if you're interested, 5 dollars in comparison to the DW12 (which I believe is around 11), mainly because iRacing don't appear to do official races with this spec IndyCar apart from the 24 Heures du fun
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    For that to happen we need staff :)

    Anybody interested feel free to contact us :)
  5. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium

    If there are no leagues next year on iracing I can do it. Not this year due to year 12 but around September I will have nothing to do so I will be able to do that