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Released Is there another program besides googgle sketchup pro to export GE terrian into BTB?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Billy Q, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. WTF Google wants to rule the world, which someday they may. I dont under stand why there G. E. terrain sucks donkey balls. I use sketchup 8 pro mainly to export GE terrian to BTB. As a lot of you are aware of is the resolution is low quality at best in rfactor. Another gripe I have is I dont understand how can I make a 38km track such as Furka Pass with no sketch up terrain issues as long as I split the terrain into sections and I can see the terrain in any view. On the other hand sometimes I can't see the terrain in any view except top view with a short track. Is there something else besides skethup that can be exported to BTB? Screw 3d max as I enjoy retard friendly software like BTB. Some one needs to buy BTB and turn a already good program into the best. 3dmax users then would have something to put into there pipe and smoke. BRANDON how much do you want? I am not the richest man in the world. but got more than most. Oh yeah by the way I live in northern California where the weed is legal and by far the best in the world if you are into that. I have ways I can get it to you where ever you are in the world. I an a huge fan of BTB and want to see it smoke any competition just as our skunk does...............................p.s. I am serious and prepared to make a reasonable offer.............................................................:thumbsup:
  2. Sounds good, but seems, Brandon never back and you need others program creators.
    Something like this: http://trackmaker.wordpress.com/. Just bad, that he make this add on for Maya. But if you want have full legal program, may he can do the same for Blender... And it would be great for all others 3D fans
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  4. Hi, I have asked Brendon a few days ago if he could add the following:

    a second import part like the kml or csv files for the track something similar for the terrain.
    Like in the Zaxxon method, just create a big csv file with the terrain around.

    I thought it can't be a big impact on the program. He has to mark the second import simply as terrain.
    He wrote that he want to put it on the wishlist for the future.

    The other programs require a terrain import and this is terrible with the existing Sketchup and Google Earth. It looks awful.

    I think BTB is good and simply needs some more import features.
  5. Or there's the Zaxxon method which creates some tuely beautiful terrain....
    There's a thread/some threads here buried in the BTB forums dedicated to using this method in conjunction with BTB as well as a website, although that is aimed at primarily RBR it'll work with any other BTB built tracks as well...
    It can be quite a steep learning curve though & Im yet to successfully use it.
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