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is there an app to share skins

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Gemonic, May 4, 2016.

  1. im currently running an Australian AC series and we are using custom skins.

    I have organised a skin pack and distributed it to all our members, but im just wondering if there is any app that can automate this.... sort of like what i believe iracing has. Im thinking something sort of like stracker... so if all our members where running this app it would connect to the server and download that skin if they didnt have it.

    ive done some looking around the web and cant find anything, but just thought i would double check.... thanks
  2. Terra21


    Yes there's a way of doing it if your clever like the arcl racing league does it.But it requires running a script that way it allows any of it's league members who don't have certain required skins to have them automatically download to them. Have a look at this page and find out about their skinsync tool to see how its done:thumbsup:
  3. thanks for the idea..... I was kinda hoping there was some way to do it on the fly.... as in it just happens as you join the server..... i figured it was a long shot..

    think i'll stick to just creating a skin pack before our season kicks off for now
  4. I believe a in game app could be made, but for the time being. As it is somewhat easy with leagues, but not so convenient.

    Players that use custom skins could use bittorent sync and then sync that persons skins and create a key for each individual skin/car. Or if you bought the pro version or could find a free sync program that allowed selective syncing. Then All you would need is to sync the complete cars folder and it would only download the files required.

    But until then the cheap free way is to select each skin and sync individually.