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is possible that the cam and change the grip??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Lorenzo Gabbiani, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. I noticed that change various cam grip (steering precision) changed ... it will be true? has happened to you?
  2. are you talking about changing camber(tilt of the tires) or changing camera (cockpit/T-cam/chase/nose)
  3. I think he means camera cause ive noticed this aswell but couldnt get a grasp of it was me or not. For the difference in handeling with cameras is immersive. I actually stopped using the T-cam and using a moddified cockpit-cam (Made moreore dynamic, loop-to-apex added). But i think its between the ears, with the cockpit cam you have a 'slower' definition of the speed youre travelling. Thus you will push even more within the limits.
    So i had that with the cockpit cam, not sure what about you Beodengheda
  4. I noticed something last night, I seemed to be faster using T-cam instead of cockpit by about 1 second

    I'm almost entirely positive it was because I could see the exit of the turn though and felt more comfortable accelerating through turns.

    This was at malaysia, turns 5/6 7/8 10-12 especially. It did make me feel like I had more grip, but I think it was a confidence thing, not an actual glitch.

    So kind of the same thing you experienced lefty, just the opposite xD
  5. I've noticed when switching between cockpit and T-cam views I have to change the saturation settings to achieve the same steering input feel. In cockpit view I run saturation and linearity at 0 so the wheel in my hands is 1:1 with the wheel in-game, when I switch to T-cam view I have to bump the saturation up to 20-25% to get the same responsiveness. I think Lefty probably has it right that it is "between the ears" in that your sensation of speed and closing rate is different in the two views. I know that if I try to run 25% saturation in cockpit view I'm jumping kerbs and missing apexes because of turning in too soon, as well as the virtual wheel turning more than I am turning my wheel is a bit of a distraction and makes it hard to be consistent.
  6. I usually use T-Cam because I can see more of the track and you start getting a better feel of the track which in terms will make you faster i suppose. I can't use a chase cam at all, just doesn't feel right.
  7. I am significantly faster with bumper cam, I can barely play in the cockpit or using T-cam