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Is minimum torque a per-car based FFB setting?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by St3fan, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. St3fan


    I'm trying to optimize my G27's FFB using this guide: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.p...-for-rFactor-2-The-key-to-being-in-the-Zone-D

    It says I should do calibration of the high end forces first and then find minimum torque settings:
    However, when I change from car to car, I will need to change the per-car FFB multiplier, right? If that's the case, according to the author of the post, I will still need to find the minimum torque value whenever I change the FFB multiplier. So it appears to me that I will still need to figure out myself both the FFB multiplier and the minimum torque value on a per-car basis.

    I did a calibration of the FFB multiplier and the minimum torque on the Porsche in the AMGT3 mod. It feels very nice to drive. However when I changed to the SkipBarber, the FFB was way too weak and I felt nothing in the central ~30 degrees of my wheel. So I tuned up the FFB multiplier for the SkipBarber until I feel happy about the result. However this made the minimum torque setting wrong. Then I switched to the V8 Supercar mod, and I had to do these things again.

    How do you guys tweak your FFB? All the process is just way too time consuming for me. But if I don't do those, the central deadzone and the FFB clipping on my G27 could be really frustrating.

    I post my question here instead of the original ISI post because that post is started a long time ago and is a monster already.
  2. Steering Torque Minimum is in the controller.json, so it is not intended to be per car.
  3. St3fan


    That's what I thought. But if setting the per-car FFB multiplier value changes the actual minimum force applied (as suggested by the author of the FFB guide post, see what I quote above in OP), should I change minimum torque per car accordingly?
  4. I don't bother, but maybe you feel differently. Let's see if I can explain my reasoning:
    a) Each car has an internal FFB range set by the mod-maker. It should match the range of the real car.
    b) There are a few cars, due to their extreme downforce, that have been scaled back from real-life forces (e.g. DW12).
    c) The per-car FFB multiplier moves that real range into the range your wheel can handle. In the case of the DW12, a person with a very powerful direct drive wheel might actually use a 1.2 multiplier.
    d) Per-car FFB is set to avoid clipping. This is more important than Steering Torque Minimum, particularly for less powerful wheels like the Logitech.
    e) If desired, Steering Torque Minimum can be set fairly high such that it scales best for cars with light steering (e.g. historic F3). Or you can set it fairly low, so it scales better for cars with heavy steering. Depends on which you prefer.
    f) If you try setting Steering Torque Minimum per-car, then you'll need to swap out (or edit) the controller.json each time you switch cars.